Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fly While There's Light To Go

Nothin' but hard times here
The sun keeps sinkin' low
Darkness will soon appear
Fly while there's light to go our new digs @ In Touch With The Mystery

Hope you enjoy and if you'd like to listen to a few of my songs just click on my new home page to hear what's currently up in the media player including my acoustic guitar/vocal demo of my latest song Fly While There's Light To Go. There's 10 songs currently up on the player so you may enjoy the others as well.

Special thanks to those who've linked to this page since FRANKtalk. I've appreciated your kind recognition and support. It's been fun.

And it is my sincere hope you will continue in support of my efforts by replacing this old link at your page with our new one. Whatever you may choose to do for your current scroll, you will always have my gratitude and respect for the honor your links bring to my blog.

We’re kicking it up to another level at In Touch With The Mystery and I welcome you to continue moving forward with us at this time.

It's an historic and unprecedented period in our world today with so many challenges threatening the foundations of western civilization.

It's long past time for choosing sides beyond mere retail politics.
Like it or not we must stand strong in defense of first principles.

I hope and pray that the many may follow but truly the few will gain victory over this troubled hour though the many remain lost forever.’ll be dark soon...the night will be pulling the clouds around the stars...stop…hey…what’s that sound…everybody look…moon goin' down baby...north star about to while there's light to go...

. .