Saturday, August 20, 2005

InDepth InSights

We've had some inquiries of late regarding our non-music related blog links and as well, a few of you are curious to know more about our InDepth Records imprint and unique "liquid disc" logo design.

So, let's elaborate on both items for your full edification.

Firstly, as regards this blog.

The simple fact is we are still in very early days yet as an embryonic entity. However, much of what will appear here will be music related and connected to my longtime involvements with REAL songs, major level craftsmanship, true talents and my wealth of great live concert memories going back to the early 70's. The rich and inspiring stuff of my life in music for more than 30 years.

Personal commentary on events and issues will continue to be featured prominently from time to time, as will profiles of old friends, music business stories, etc...this is my forum and I'll write about that which I know and have authentic passion towards.

There will also continue to be a pronounced element of diverse, intellectual conservative philosophy featured here at FRANKtalk.

This feature will include personal references to important writers along with the very best journalists and blogs on the internet.

The fact is that my links are not so much political as they are philosophical. I am a Catholic and a Conservative. I have been deeply religious and deeply conservative all my life, so I feel no need to rationalize or explain my faith or my philosophical perspectives to anyone at this point. It's quite simply just who I am. Hope you enjoy. You can judge for yourself from my FRANKtalk links, the level of intellectual appreciations and pursuits with which I feel connected in this new world order and with whom I am spiritually aligned.

Furthermore, I believe in exercising my freedom of expression while proclaiming my thoughtful views as an individual in society.

Hopefully, it might help to create awareness and deeper interest in discovering more balanced socio-political insights and observations from many brilliant writers and multi-media commentators offering substance that you simply won't ever be exposed to in the milieu of today's extremely leftist "lame stream media" including all Canadian and US network broadcasters, public TV & radio, many cable news outlets such as CNN and MSNBC and most major newspapers.

The major media establishment elites, whose biases and agendas are in direct opposition to majoritarian Judeo-Christian values, are at a loss to compete any longer with information emanating from new media and raw alternative voices of unequivocal dissent towards EVERYTHING the hard-left represents in our deleterious "Soft Marxist" culture.

Neutrality in regards to these matters is no longer an option of choice in this world. The lines have never been so clearly drawn in our times.

I have long ago chosen my ground in any event.

Not only do I know where I stand, but I'm exceedingly knowledgeable and well informed on all of the cultural, social and political issues of our day. I'm also not at all shy about defending my inherent God-given rights in freedom. Nor am I reticent in advancing the full expression of those rights in freedom under God. The world is entitled to disagree with me about these things, but the world and it's corrupt agendas doesn't trump my freedom of purposes or my inherent rights no matter how much modern society's pervasive culture of death strains more desperately these days to ghettoize informed voices like mine. The world can even hate me and hate what I stand for, but that of course would be the world's problem as it would never change my beliefs.

Moreover, my motivations and purposes are not based in cynicism, but in mature, spiritual love and respect for the sanctity and dignity of all human life. The essence of Truth most befitting our common humanity.

Writing on these matters, I can't help but be reminded of a condescending letter we received about a year and a half ago criticizing my site [] as being an extremely dull and boring experience among other compliments. The sender of that long ago mail [courageously signing his lofty indictments as "Anonymous"], attempted further to illuminate my "dull" music artist mind with a kind recommendation to learn about blogs and as to how this medium could open up many new possibilities for me and my otherwise sad and boring website. My wife and I laughed aloud at this dismissive note every time we would read it over the phone to friends and associates mainly because they all knew that I've been involved with blogs ever since the dawn of the blogosphere itself, but had yet to decide, at that time, if I really wanted to feature a blog on my relatively new music website which would in fact, incorporate elements of ideological and philosophical import along with those aspects that related to my new commercial music business enterprise.

The long and short of it is, of course, that I finally made that decision after many long months of deliberation because I could no longer avoid the was either going to be the blog I really wanted to create or there would be no blog at for "Anonymous", well, this site is too boring for him anyway, so he's probably never checked back in to monitor progress here, but, if he ever does check in again, I'm sure it will be a very illuminating experience for him to see what he has inadvertently encouraged at FRANKtalk.

I'm sure that blog masters like Hugh Hewitt, Powerlineblog, Lucianne, Ann Coulter, FrontPageMag, Rush,, David Warren, Victor Davis Hanson and Matt Drudge, were not what "Anonymous" had in mind when he deigned to enlighten me.

The links noted above are just a few of the best of my sources of news, socio-political commentary and objectively balanced information.

And they have been for a number of years.

Another facet of this must be pointed out as well. I am a writer. I come from a family background which claims a deep heritage in the art of writing and the craft of journalism. My maternal Grandfather was for many years regarded as one of the finest writers and newspaper editors in this entire country. My mother also, is an active freelance contributor to various magazines and periodicals. I have brothers and sisters who are writers, poets, philosophers, multi-media artists, songwriters and theologians-in-the-round.

Ink runs as deep in my blood as the poetry and classic literature of my youth. It's in my very DNA.

I do not approach things from a strident partisan point of view, although I am political. We are all political to one degree or another.

However, I do approach life on a much deeper philosophical basis.

This approach is integral to my songwriting as well.

Which brings me finally to our InDepth Records label and our unique "liquid disc" logo design.

InDepth Records was named for the fuller creative enterprise you now see unfolding before you here in ever more defined terms.

In other words, My music, my website, my blog, my professional objectives and intellectual pursuits are, in all respects and in fact, truly "InDepth" and not merely superficial, simplistic attempts at trying be heard above a relativistic din of increasingly discordant mediocrity posturing in the culture as style or substance. My life and professional focus bear no relationship whatsoever to such tasteless ephemera.

The "liquid disc" InDepth logo is my wife Linda's creation. Linda is a talented artist and is obviously skilled in web graphic design & artwork as well. Linda designed and created my website.

I provided storyline, writing, photos and my music. The rest is her work and talent. The logo design for InDepth came from a vision Linda created featuring the impression of a "liquid" disc [signifying depth], that appeared also as a spatially oriented orbital nebula design further representing infinite depth...and of course, it also alludes to the different levels of deeper meanings in my songs.

Linda did an excellent job in coming up with our unique logo and artistic design, but full disclosure also requires me to credit my long time friend and associate Garry Paget for suggesting the InDepth name many years ago when we were kicking around some ideas for music publishing company names. InDepth derives in part from the spirit of our Road Skolar Music perspectives going back to 1991 and 1992.

So now you know...inquiring minds insisted on clarifications so FRANKtalk steps up to the plate and smacks one out of the park.

I like to write hits and I hit from the right....or as Bob Dylan nails it in his classic song "Its Alright Ma [I'm Only Bleeding]", from his essential classic 1965 album, Bringing It All Back Home...

"...he not busy being born is busy dying".

Dying can be quite lucrative, but it is so short lived.

Napoleon In Rags


Anonymous Gary Paul said...

Frank, I applaud the "InDepth" committment to your craft! Writing is definitely in your blood, whether it be song or editorial content.

Your grandfather would be proud!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005 8:10:00 p.m.  
Anonymous Gary Paul said...

Frank, one more thing! Have you ever thought of bringing us FRANKtalk radio? You would truly complement what Rush and Michael Coren are offering. (plus you could throw some intelligent music into the pot)! Lord knows we need it!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005 8:13:00 p.m.  

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