Saturday, December 22, 2007

Pockets Full Of Paradise

The Light Shines In The Darkness
And The Darkness Does Not Comprehend It

A well-known artist was reported to have proclaimed not long ago that “the future of art is perversion.” That is the devil’s prophecy.

And no doubt the devil’s intent.

When one looks at the direction art has taken in recent times from fine art, to modern art, to cinematic art, to music, it seems that this situation has indeed been coming true. However, art belongs to God, and He is going to take art back. Art is a basic form of prophecy, and there is a beauty and an anointing about to come upon a host of holy artists whose prophetic art will burn away the fog that is now settled over it, just like the sun burns away the fog in the morning.

The Crimson Fireball [from the upcoming acoustic songs collection Pockets Full Of Paradise by artist/songwriter Frank Trainor]

In recent decades, evil has gripped almost every form of art igniting an obnoxious and perverted race to the bottom while plummeting art and creative artists deeper & deeper into darkness. Art has followed step by step the fall into confusion, meaninglessness, and darkness of soul that philosophy has fallen to. That will always be the result of worshiping anything or anyone rather than the one true God. But just as art and philosophy have descended, ascension of both will come.

Artists who worship the one true God, who keep their souls purified by the singleness of purpose to glorify the Lord, will be given greater power. They will become like prisms that refract the light of heaven giving color & meaning to the world. As deep as art has plummeted into darkness, the light that is coming will be even greater.

Beauty, meaning, and the elevation of all that is good will soon be revealed in extraordinary visions of artists. The music we listen to sows into our souls & can set the course of our lives for good or evil.

This is the time when everything that has been sown in man, the good and the evil, the light and the darkness, will come to full maturity. It is obvious that the darkness is coming to maturity in every art form, but soon we will see the light coming to maturity in every art form. Even so, light will be victorious and overshadow the darkness because light is more powerful. When we open our shades at night darkness does not come into the room. The light that is in the house shines out into the darkness. Because light is stronger than darkness and we are about to see light soon begin to overpower the darkness that is in art. Because we are approaching the end of the age, the time of full maturity, the light that is about to be released through music and the arts will be unprecedented in its true power.

This does not mean that the light about to be released through art is going to be more popular than the darkness. Remember, when the Light Himself came to live on the earth and walked among us, men “loved darkness more than the light”. Even so, the Lord is merciful beyond comprehension & He is going to give His greatest light during times of greatest darkness so that all will have the chance to see it and turn to it. He will not force, but He will give men an opportunity to see His light. It is not our job to make men see the light or want the light, but it is our job simply to walk in the light and reveal it.

I'm A Spirit Now [from the upcoming acoustic songs collection Pockets Full Of Paradise by artist/songwriter Frank Trainor]

Music artists, like all artists who are inspired by the Holy Spirit, have a similar role like prophets and priests to reveal Him to the people. Indeed the first person in the Bible who was said to be “filled with the Spirit” was an artisan, and not a priest, a king, or a prophet.

To reveal the Lord is the most basic purpose for art, and not only is it the highest form of art, but it is the only true fulfillment that an artist will ever have. Anything else will only lead to a base reduction or perversion of the gift. The true artist is the highest embodiment of the good, the true and the beautiful. So, pass me over if you can.


Anonymous The Troubadour said...

The Crimson Fireball is Loooming in the sky...Heaven's Mercy and good luck to us all when the well starts runnin' dry...a beat poet songwriter warned long ago that a hard rain's a-gonna fall...[so who was that masked and anonymous man?]...but I'd gather and fill and hide your buckets while you can from the Crimson Fireball...[cause yonder stands your orphan with his gun...crying like a fire in the sun...look out...the saints are comin' through...and it's all over now baby blue] must leave now...take what you need you think will last...The Troubadour.

Friday, December 28, 2007 12:18:00 p.m.  

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