Monday, July 23, 2007

The Rest Is History

Human beings live shackled in a cave that is illuminated by a light that comes from outside it. Thus, all they see is the play of shadows cast upon the wall, which they call "knowledge."

One of the cave dwellers breaks free, turns around, and sees the actual source of light. He tries to tell the other cave-dwelling hermen about the light, but they don't want to hear it.

Some think he's crazy, while others are outright hostile.

And the rest is history. - One Cosmos

All art needs an element of mystery to be most effective.

It needs to be something that cannot be completely explained or understood. People need artists and performers to be in touch with the parts of themselves that the average person can't easily access - if they could, what do they need you for? Let's hope that studying the '60s inspires a new attitude and performance commitment to match the new music. An attitude with a desperate need to communicate a save-your-soul catharsis.

The way God intended. - Little Steven Van Zandt

But why...?

There's no money in it.

Because creators are in touch with the mystery and because of that connection creators create amazing and beautiful and life affirming and potentially very profitable things out of thin air.

The common mundane pictures & sounds all around us that mean nothing until put into a form that communicates. And ultimately all art communicates one single message and that message is…


As for me...

Well I was born an original sinner

I was borne from original sin
And if I had a dollar bill
For all the things I’ve done
There’d be a mountain of money
Piled up to my chin...

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