Thursday, November 06, 2008

House Of Four Doors

Mystery spread it's cloak
Across the sky
We'd lost our way

Shadows fell from trees
They knew why

Then through the leaves a light broke through
A path lost for years lead us through

House of Four Doors

I could live there forever

House of Four Doors

Would it be there forever?

Loneliness, the face of pilgrims eyes was known
As the door opened wide

Beauty they had found before my eyes to see
To the next door we came

Love of music showed in everything we heard
Through the third door where are we?

Enter in all ye who seek to find within
As the plaque said on the last door

Walking thru that door
Outside we came
Nowhere at all

Perhaps the answers here
Not there anymore

Then in our hearts the light broke through
A path lost for years is there in view

House of Four Doors
You'll be lost now forever

House of Four Doors
Rest of life, life's forever.

Yes, "The One" really is The Manchurian Candidate

Interview with Soviet intellectual dissident Yuri Bezmenov (1985)

Question - Why do we never get an answer...?

It's not the way that you say it when you do those things to me
It's more the way you really mean it when you tell me what will be


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