Monday, September 05, 2005

Highwater Risin'...

Hollywood film maker and talented multi-media artist Aaron Trainor [my brother] has had his new short feature film "blanc" selected for inclusion in this years Los Angeles International Short Film Festival 2005. The 9th annual L.A. film festival runs this year from Sept. 6-13 with Aaron's Highwater Films premiere of "blanc" slated for Sept. 11/05 at the Arclight Cinemas. I've seen "blanc" and was truly impressed by the artistry and craft that went into the creation and making of this new short film. Aaron is the writer/director of "blanc' and he also stars in this, his debut as a short film maker.

Aaron is no stranger to the craft of film acting however, as he has worked in several movies and television productions this past number of years between Vancouver and Hollywood where he now makes his home. Aaron is a very talented musician & songwriter as well, having had success this past two years with a few highly rated songs which scored big numbers at Garageband gaining him an appreciative international audience for his music. He has also just been signed to the very prestigious and successful Morgan Agency in L.A. I want to take the opportunity in this forum today, to offer my heartfelt congratulations, support and love to my "little" brother in light of these recent and previous accomplishments on his way to stardom.

Here's a Highwater Films poster and promo for "blanc".

Film festivals have a reputation of being a hotbed and a springboard for up and coming talent, and The Los Angeles International Short Film Festival is amongst its leaders. It is the biggest and most prestigious short film festival in the world. Having had 19 of its films nominated for an Academy Award (5 having taken home the coveted prize), this festival is truly a breeding ground for the next generation of filmmakers and actors.

We invite you to come and join us for this exciting event. It is a chance for you, being part of the media, to not only help promote only us, as filmmakers and actors, but to present this community and all it has to offer to the rest of the world. And without a doubt, you will be witness to some rising stars of tomorrow. Just as Luke and Owen Wilson kick started their successful careers with a short film called “Bottle Rocket”, so too, will filmmakers and actors begin successful careers at the LA Shorts Fest. So come on out!

As artists, we depend on media representatives like you to help promote our work so, thank you for your time and I hope to see you there!
…especially on Sunday, Sept. 11th in Theater 13 @ 1pm for the program “More of the Worlds” featuring the short film, “blanc”. ; )

Aaron Trainor
--writer/director of “blanc”
Official Selection of The Los Angeles Short Film Festival 2005

Good Luck, Aaron...!

Also today, I wish to extend my personal thanks and sincere appreciation to for his decision to link my FRANKtalk blog to his website. I was unaware that my blog had been added to RWB until recently. I was overjoyed.

Merely seeing my new FRANKtalk link featured so prominently on such an intelligent site as was exciting enough, but to see it linked there along with names and icons such as Hugh Hewitt, Michelle Malkin, Instapundit, Powerline, Charlie Daniels and more, was humbling indeed. I am very grateful, to say the least, that my values and views, shared by these and others, are recognized by as insightful and purposeful a voice as

I'm an ardent admirer of the timeless artistry and songs of Bob Dylan, whose work resonates so deeply and on so many multiple levels of spiritual appreciation that it defies mere categorization. I stand in full support and approval of RWB in his own dedicated cause of illuminating a wider scope of perspectives on Bob Dylan and the infinite worlds Bob so eloquently expresses in his music and his art.

Thanks again, RWB!

A further recommendation today as well for my wife Linda's wonderful Keefe Family website.

Linda has just returned from Prince Edward Island and her latest "Keefe Family Reunion" which is held in PEI every 5 years. This year's events constituted the 6th Keefe Family Reunion. It was a smashing success from all reports and indeed, Linda has just posted photos as of this weekend of the various activities and relatives in attendance. You'll find her new pictures at the Family Photos Gallery #9 link of her website...while there, check out her cousin Danny's 18,000 sq.ft. home and beautiful property complete with equestrian stables.

Just a reminder that Martin Scorsese's new bio flick on the early years of Bob Dylan in New York, is coming soon to PBS. You can check your local listings for "No Direction Home" and the DVD is due for release any day now. For information and updates, check out ....and visit today!

Frank Trainor


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i hear your brother really isn't in "entertainment" but makes his living picking up old hubcaps off the freeways of that true??

--the science student

Monday, September 05, 2005 7:50:00 p.m.  

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