Monday, October 10, 2005

When The Tide Comes Rushin' In

Columbus said to Cartier...
You go that way I suppose...
Up north with all the Eskimos...
The beaver dams and snow...
I'm shippin' south from where we've been...
But soon enough we'll meet again...
And you'll know me when we do my friend...
When the tide comes rushin' in...

I made that little verse up just now...for US Columbus Day & Canadian Thanksgiving.

But back when I wrote When The Tide Comes Rushin' In , I actually wrote other words for my songs bridge which are as follows...

When the tide comes rushin' in
Floodin' over everything
Who can say what the sea's sweepin' in
Or what it's washin' away
When the tide comes rushin' in

Leonard Cohen once expressed that things are gonna slide in all directions. That there won't be nothin' you can measure anymore. The blizzard of the world has crossed the threshold and it's overturned the order of the soul. As you very well know, Leonard Cohen has seen the future baby...and it's murder.

When he said repent, I wonder what he meant?

Dead man, dead man,
When will you arise?
Cobwebs in your mind,
Dust upon your eyes.

The glamour and the bright lights and the politics of sin,
The ghetto that you build for me is the one you end up in,
The race of the engine that overrules your heart,
Ooh, I can't stand it, I can't stand it,
Pretending that you're so smart.

Bob Dylan said that...

Damned straight Bob...But let's give Leonard Cohen voice again with some final words of wisdom...

Your servant here, he has been told
To say it clear, to say it cold
It's over, it ain't going any further
And now the wheels of Heaven stop
You feel the devil's riding crop
Get ready for the future
It is murder....

Things are gonna slide in all directions...

Still no direction home however.

Too much gravity.

How does it feel?


Thank God for Grace.

Thank God for Grace & Gravity.


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