Sunday, June 11, 2006

InDepth Records News

More InDepth Records news this week as our dedicated online label partner ItsAboutMusic reports that my published catalog of Americana/Country songs is now being distributed by the most successful brand name digital music download sites in the world.

Songs from each of my three digitally remastered CD's can now be easily purchased through the following cool digital download sites: Napster, iTunes, eMusic, SonyConnect, Audio LunchBox, Sandbar, KarmaDownload, GroupieTunes and of course,

More sites are picking up Frank Trainor music almost weekly now and all links will be added at FRANKtalk as my music is available.

Our distribution partner sites are the most successful name brand marketers of digital download music and ringtones in the world.

My current CD is called Grace & Gravity. Two previous records are Playin' Down At The Hollywood and The Comfort Sound Sessions. Order all three CD's direct from or purchase songs from one of our download sites at our InDepth Links sidebar.

Napster, iTunes and Sandbar are licensed for Grace & Gravity while Audio LunchBox, SonyConnect, KarmaDownload, GroupieTunes, eMusic and ItsAboutMusic are licensed for all three of my albums.

Hope you enjoy listening to my music and thank you for supporting my efforts as an independent professional songwriter/music artist.

Frank Trainor


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