Tuesday, May 09, 2006

In The Madness Of Sanity

In the madness of sanity, John, the voice of one crying out in the wilderness, half-naked, hair-shirted, speaks with the voice of the Desert Flame who allows the grass to wither and demands that men bear the weight they’ve given, in pride and deeds, their names.

“Prepare the way. For what is close at hand, burns.” And the people, convicted, edge in a mass toward the bar. The Baptist would drown each man again and again, until, in death, the last deception goes down, and this sin, our daily bread, is exposed: a food that starves, a meal that feeds itself. When I hear, I fast, am wracked and led to a desert scored with tiresome habits and needs. To kill this self, I need to raze it seems: each carefully vaulted wall, each decentered beam.

Let my violence offend the world and its superficial dream.

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More From The Sanity Zone….
What Athenian vantage point is this perchance...?

Let Freedom Reign!
Richard Evans at Let Freedom Reign! [formerly known as the blogsite Cannuckistan Chronicles] has a great post up [May8] illuminating the scope of a book first published in 1958 called the Naked Communist. We need to read material like this to understand what has always been at stake in our western civilized democracies. The objectives have never changed for the anti-freedom forces in the world who appear in history under various guises as Marxist-Leninist, socialists, secular humanists, radical feminists, Islamofacists, NDP, Liberals...?Pierre Trudeau, The Walrus, Maude Barlow, Naiomi Klein & more.

Here's a portion of Richard's post....

The Conservative Reclaimation of North America 1
This is what the lib-left has been working on over the past 6 or 7 decades: Way back in 1958 a fella named W. Cleon Skousen wrote a book called the Naked Communist. In that book he stated 45 declared goals for the communist takeover of America. I haven't read the book but I have read the stated goals. Let’s have a look at some of them and see how they've done so far. Please bear in mind that terms "America" or "US" can be meant to mean "North America" or can be replaced with "Canada" and still have the same effect. Oh, and because we're nice Canadians let’s call them "Socialists" instead of "Communists”…[read the rest of the blog post here].

Let Freedom Reign! is noteworthy today also [May 9] for its classic pedophile/moonbat psycho comments diatribe & spaz email feature which Richard has amusingly frontpaged at his site under HolyCrap!

Commies AND Moonbats...!! Really great stuff....very important and also highly entertaining too Richard. Keep on fighting the good fight.

Thanks to Richard Evans for adding FRANKtalk to his new LFR blog.

You'll find FRANKtalk linked in Favorite Sites @ Let Freedom Reign!

How Democracies Perish
And speaking of truthfully calling a communist spade a hammer and sickle, a very famous and brilliant man named Jean-Francois Revel died last week. Revel was a French newspaper editor and author who was regarded very highly in intellectual circles in France. My eyes became opened wide to the reality of the true communist threat to our western hemisphere by reading Revel's now long out of print book “How Democracies Perish” more than twenty years ago.

Here's an obit link. We need to hear Jean-Francois Revel today.

I'm personally not an optimist regarding the world in any event. I've seen too much and lived too far outside my sangfroid comfort zones.

Bob Dylan summed it up best...this world can't stand long.

Talking Points: Jean-Francois Revel was a free spirit whose works trace a singular, fertile and indispensable path. That's not only a great way for a man to have lived and created, it's a truly great and noble way to die. We should all be so fully alive when we kick it.

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