Monday, August 07, 2006

The Crimson Fireball

Mark this vision while you can
It won't pass this way again
Grace & Gravity will spin
When the tide comes rushin' in

Oceans will rise and time will stall
Souls will surely die with no hope after all
Their lost horizons won't recall
The life they knew between the risin' and the fall
Of The Crimson Fireball

I know you can't bear to be dismayed
But this inferno can't be swayed
The good life ain't about just gettin' laid or paid
Wisdom is survival's way

Blood may rush but it won’t quell
The ragin' fire in every heart that knows too well
You can rip the peals from the bell
But it'll be too late to block the road to hell
When the ground begins to swell

The Crimson Fireball is looming in the sky
Heaven's mercy and good luck to us all
When the well starts runnin' dry
A beat poet songwriter warned long ago
That a hard rain's a-gonna fall
So hang on and save your spirit if you can
From The Crimson Fireball

"The Crimson Fireball" by Frank Trainor
Copyright 2006 Frank Trainor Music Inc.

I have long maintained in my discussions with music lovers over the years that while 1967 was indeed a groundbreaking year in pop/rock, 1966 was in fact a much more creative and seminal artistic moment notwithstanding Sgt. Pepper and that hippy "summer of love".

The Beatles had created far more interesting work before that much hyped and highly profiled album which is a fine record but not as good a collection of songs quite frankly as Revolver. In any event, I've always argued that 1966 was the year that pop/rock art went SuperNova and certainly that's when the forever cool and indelible artistic landscape of pop/rock greatness was launched with records like Revolver by The Beatles, Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys and Blonde On Blonde by Bob Dylan.

1966 was a highpoint for pop/rock innovation and a creative watershed moment in contemporary modern music history.

And my absolute favorite year for radio as a young listener.

Need more proof...check it out

Spotlight: It is difficult to explain the wacky world of James Lileks without prior reference to his work so let me just go ahead and say that this slightly quirky, creative genius is one of my favorite writers currently working in the realm of arcane and ephemeral nostalgia and outright folksy whimsy [you'll get it more when you read him].

Lileks’ site has to be properly explored to be fully appreciated but I'm telling you, you won't believe the fun you'll have. For starters, read The Bleat...then you may wish to proceed directly to The Institute of Official Cheer where you will discover a link to The Grooviest Motel in Wisconsin and have revealed before your very eyes a full pictorial tour of The Gobbler heard that correctly but it's impossible to explain until you actually see and read the entire section on this catastrophe of a mid-20th century motel concept in full color photos and running commentary and analysis. You'll love all the gallery sections and Lileks' witty comments and you'll burst out laughing so be careful if you're reading Lileks while eating or drinking your don't want to splaying food and drink all over the wall in a fit of hilarity and guffaws...heh, heh.

Oh, and just one more final thing...

Be aware of that obscure red orb dying in a corner of the sky…

It just might be a killer...
. .