Sunday, May 20, 2007

Walking On The Moon

Giant steps are what you take
Walking on the moon
I hope my legs don't break
Walking on the moon

May as well play...

Take it to the bridge
Throw it overboard
See if it can swim
Back up to the shore

The hourglass has no more grains of sand
Little red grains of sand...

Same as it ever was...same as it ever was...

Water dissolving...and water removing
There is water at the bottom of the ocean
Carry the water at the bottom of the ocean
Remove the water at the bottom of the ocean!

“That's one of the challenges as you get older. It isn’t ‘How am I going to have a hit’ but ‘How am I going to express myself as clearly as I can while at the same time leading people into a mystery which is always entertaining and possibly moving as well?’ That's what I'm interested in. I want to know about the mystery. Then I have to think: ‘Do I solve this mystery, or do I just embrace it because of the pleasure of the mystery?’ That's the mystical." - Paul Simon

I was always a singer & maybe no more then that. Sometimes it's not enough to know the meaning of things. Sometimes we have to know what things don't mean as well. Things fall apart, especially all the neat order of rules and laws. The way we look at the world is the way we really are. See it from a fair garden and everything looks cheerful. Climb to a higher plateau and you'll see plunder & murder.

Truth and beauty are in the eye of the beholder.

I stopped trying to figure everything out a long time ago.

Yeah, I dream. I dream that I'm walking through fire.

Intense heat.

I don't pay much attention to my dreams.
- Jack Fate

Do you know the hallmark of the second-rater?

It is resentment of another man’s achievement.

Touchy mediocrities who tremble at the mere thought of someone else's work proving greater than their own have no inkling of the loneliness that comes when you reach for and achieve the top. The loneliness for any equal, for another mind to respect and for an achievement to admire, someone to look up to. You don't have that when you're at the top. Second-raters bare their teeth at you from out of their rat holes thinking that you take pleasure in letting your brilliance dim them while you'd give a year of your life to see one small flicker of talent anywhere among them. Second-raters envy achievement, and their dream of greatness is a world where all others have become their acknowledged inferiors. They don't even know that that dream is the infallible proof of their mediocrity, because that sort of world is what the man of achievement would not even be able to bear. They have no way of knowing what he feels when he's around them. Hatred? No, not hatred, but boredom: the terrible, hopeless, draining, paralyzing boredom of mediocrity.

What good is empty praise and phony adulation from second-raters whom you don't respect?
- Ayn Rand
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