Saturday, May 17, 2008

Some Other Sucker's Parade

Like any organically created environment in the diverse blogosphere, this far flung planet of mine was born of an honest desire to reveal and share a personal vision. I’ve been a singer/songwriter for years so my primary motivations in choosing to approach communicating through this particular medium were not exactly new found impulses.

It’s in my DNA to write and express myself musically in appreciations of so many spaces and places I’ve known in a lotta outta site worlds.

Initial prospects with this site encompassed a hope that my efforts might resonate in ways that would be entertaining at least and yes, perhaps enlightening on some level. For the most part, that creative challenge has continued to inspire sufficient to satisfying my muse.

The longer term picture was never as clearly determined in my mind. Things evolve and change and no one can predict where they'll be in projecting too far ahead with any ephemeral creative indulgences.

What other explorers may discover and ultimately gain from their own voyages and experiences here is completely unknowable to me as well, as I simply have no idea what reading me or listening to my songs and the great songs of many cool artists I post up frequently, holds in real value to most, if anything at all. I dig it all personally.

I've also discovered and learned many valuable things inhabiting this little corner of the universe, so I can only trust that it's a worthwhile experience at the very least for anyone surfing up past the shoreline for a deeper penetration and investigation of the misty atmosphere.

I started out a blank black page glaring fearfully into higher mystical effusions that the darkness below can never begin to comprehend.

I linked, blinked, thinked and cyber navigated innumerable galaxies of worldly knowledge...other worldly philosophical wisdoms...super nova pinnacle summits of false art and commerce...empires of dirt.

In the end, like the little neighbor boy of Frankie Lee, who carried him to his rest, I just walked along, alone, with my guilt so well concealed and muttered underneath my breath…nothing is revealed.

Eventually, the old man, FRANKtalk, arrived home from the forest, unwound his tales, and many gathered round to enjoy the stories and his songs and to wonder at a discourse rooted in the dust of ages.

All was well. All that remained were the faces and the names of the wives and the sons and the daughters that would soon be brought into the warmth of ye old fireside hearth conversations, to reminisce about this, to be amazed about that, and pretty soon the net worthy numbers would increase and a black hole star would be born where no such gravity had ever been perceived before. All humanity would be graced by the deep scribal wisdoms of the fabled elder tribesman.

Hmm…well, so much for pipe dreams and pallid reproductions.

Everything changes. Everything passes away. Old stories give way to intrusions of new reality encroaching on all photo static vistas of our longed for earthly paradise otherwise sensed as entropic declination.

Thus, it came to pass that the old man became new and discovered himself to be more truly alive in the shadowy black ink of his long dark night than he could ever have imagined himself to be in the old blinking lights of false new shining stars forever seeking to guide his eyes blindly to where it's at. Where it's at, is where it's always been at. Nowhere. No, what reverberated constantly within the new man's tremulous soul was his own deepening awareness that he had always been, and always would be, born anew only in the age old discovery that he was, and would forever be, In Touch With The Mystery.

What the mystery reveals is multi-faceted. What it speaks to in all dimensions is integrity. Integrity is everything in case you missed it.

So let the outer disorder dissolve yet again in its always fading echoes of dissonance and sonic cacophonies too brutal to subside.

We are gathered here today to revel in excellence and greatness in the idiom of artful pop/rock song craftsmanship that will never die.

Art that never follows the crowd...never seeks mainstream consensus …never needs another’s approval…it’s good to be Not Where It's At...

Yes, we're stuck forever in the eternal present now it seems, living in that long lost metaphysical reality known as Truth, Beauty & Unity.

It's a tough job, but these days nobody else is gonna do it. So let me tell you what it is I know about this stuff. This gig is sanctified man.

Now, I also know that some might think that a song about escape into drink would be a curse to one who had found the devil at the bottom of his glass, barely survived, and lived to tell the tale.

And just for the record, I'm not sayin' I beat the devil, but I drank his beer for nothin' and then I stole his song. And glass…? Hell, I never bothered much with the social formalities...I just drank straight from the bottle…anyway, who cares what the song subject matter's the matter that matters to the subject and the subject in this case is one of the greatest pop/rock master craftsmen of our age and whose talent is of the absolute utmost degree. His name is Justin Currie.

Currie, with his former band Del Amitri, had a big hit record in the mid 90's with a song called Roll To Me which had more hooks than a Mississippi trout line and we'll get to that in just a minute...but first, he's from Scotland, likes to drink a fair bit it seems and he thinks life is basically pointless. But truth itself is deeply inherent in a talent like Justin’s and actually encourages faith in life in deep spiritual ways...his songwriting talent and creative musical genius are on par with Lennon & McCartney and that’s a rare gift to share in any life.

OK...let’s hear it…patience they say is a saintly virtue but hell why should I wait 'til the clouds go rain on some other sucker's parade.

Del Amitri created some of the grooviest pop/rock hit records in the music business if you ask me, so as promised, here's "Roll To Me"... and as I said, this song has more hooks than a Mississippi trout line.

The clip displayed just below [Justin Currie 2007 - Part 3] is part of an extended exploration of Justin Currie's music and career history covered over 3 separate YouTube clips. This segment [part 3 of 3] contains recent songs like No Surrender and Still In Love and I just enjoy the interweaving of some raw video footage, narration and singing performance in this one that captures the spirit of the artist as well as his newer songs. Brilliant stuff, but it's essential to view all 3 of the clips in my opinion in order to get a more insightful glimpse into the music and mind of this very talented artist. I've added links to both of the other clips [Part 1 and Part 2] just below this video.

View Justin Currie 2007 Part 1 here and Part 2 here

Justin Currie seems content enough to be inspired toward continuing artistic success, if not worldwide fame ever again, but his nihilistic view that life itself is pointless is maybe challenged best by the very talents he uses to express his special God given gifts. This is an artist whose work inspires me both as a songwriter and as a singer.

I've grown to appreciate and respect his music more every day.

Hope you enjoy!
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