Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Muse In My Embrace

As any pro songwriter would know only too well, it's not always easy embracing the Muse. Not only does it require patience and astute discernment in discovering the true spirit of a song, but, over years of diligent craft exercise, it can also feel at times to be distant and non-responsive energy, especially with many "catches" of great songs already captured over time in the pursuit.

It would be familiar to most of you who have been writing songs for several years to have experienced on many occasions, that "lost" sense or feeling that perhaps you might not write another truly inspired song ever again, especially if it's been awhile since the last great effort emerged from the misty ether to embrace your very soul. I know that feeling all too well myself and have experienced it many times over the years as long difficult periods of "drought" and later on in time as "exile in the desert far from the oasis of song".

Not a good feeling.

You'd think I'd be happy to have written several hundred songs already in my life and to have actually had radio hits and be genuinely praised at the very highest levels of the music business for my unique talents and well honed professional skills.

But, like all songwriters, I'm always anticipating that next eventual spiritual visitation and waiting for the miracle.

Obviously, all songwriters "woodshed" and write around situation based, observational ideas as a matter of course, and some of those efforts indeed produce good work. However, the truest inspirational servings of The Muse itself are most often very elusive.

That being the case, it's gratifying and exciting when the Muse appears and is once again captured in its full dimensions to be brought forth in substantive lyrical and musical form. The essence of the REAL SONG. For my own part, I have experienced this particular joy on many occasions and on many levels of appreciation over the years as a songwriter and I believe the most accurate description of the process would be simply to say that it is always fresh and revelatory. It always amazes and surprises and it always leaves even the most experienced of songwriters spiritually spent, grateful and humbled in the service of that elusive Muse to the point where you clearly realize just what your true purpose and calling is in life.

Such an experience has touched my life these past few days as I have just written what might very well be one of the most powerful and haunting songs of my life. It's called Fly While There's Light To Go and it's an absolute slam dunk smash hit beauty folks. Brother Aaron loves it so much he's already worked up tracks and adapted it to his own vision as an Aaron Trainor song because of what the tune holds in relevance for his own life. He believes that this song will resonate strongly across a universal spectrum of appreciation and I agree. It's got that true magic that can't be manufactured but which can only be received from the deeper spirit realms. Such reactions are quite understandable when that world reaches in and moves your very soul.

Brother Aaron has indeed expressed to me the greatest compliment a songwriter can ever receive from another songwriter.

He says he wishes he had written this one himself.

It doesn't get any better than that.

I will record this new song eventually and produce an audio file here at FRANKtalk so you can enjoy Fly While There's Light To Go as a preview of my CD Maverick Solo Tunesmith which is slated for spring. You'll want to stay tuned for that when it appears here on my blog.

In the meantime, I'm practicing and fine tuning the diamond.

Early hint: If you like bluesy, acoustic based, darker tinged songs in the vein of groundbreaking pioneer songwriter/artists such as legendary David Wiffin, you'll love this new one of mine.

It's a keeper.

But, as the vintner once said, "we shall sell no wine before its time".

All in due course.

Talking Points: FRANKtalk Goes Wild...!!

Well, not quite wild exactly, but we have added a few new elements here at FRANKtalk which I'm pleased to offer.

I'm referring of course to our many new InDepth Links to a number of great blogs and various websites that I personally enjoy and derive much substance from in the course of my weekly grazing. I could spend hours recommending reasons to acquaint yourself with each one and I have a few favoured stops every day, but suffice it to say for the moment that even a cursory click at as many of these great links as you can accord timewise as your life goes along, would be of benefit to your interests in some regard.

Many commentators linked here at FRANKtalk are in fact, absolutely essential to any insightful understanding of our times and I would highly recommend discovering several of these writers such as David Warren, Victor Davis Hanson, Michael Coren et any opportunity and on a return basis because, quite frankly, they're brilliant and should be regarded as quality daily food for the mind, heart and soul. You will be more informed and entertained.

A Muse equally worthy of respect in all dimensions of insight and wisdom as GREAT SONGS and obviously just as essential.

Hope you enjoy.



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