Sunday, November 13, 2005

I'm A Spirit Now

One of the groundbreaking records of the early rock era is an album by Spirit called Twelve Dreams Of Dr. Sardonicus.

Featuring 12 great songs written by the legendary Randy California, this important & essential album captures tastefully psychedelic, but very artfully restrained pop production magic while emerging as a concept album which was not an unusual formula for it's times. But, unlike many contemporaries of Spirit's vintage, Spirit was unique in keeping their particular concept visions happening deep in the grooves at all times without meandering around in the spaces exploring their own navels which was a very common indulgence of most artists "concept albums" in those days including Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull and The Who, just to cite three examples.

As a result, Twelve Dreams sounds a lot more like a collection of great singles, [A & B sides], rather than simply long, drawn out reflections on one thing or another related to an artists "vision". Spirit was very much a solid rock band with a purpose towards "danceability" and radio success so the "hook" sparks fly and the tight grooves build upon pure pop craft perfection to very satisfying degrees throughout this legendary albums 12 tracks, my favorites of which would be Natures Way, Animal Zoo and Mr. Skin.

If you're not aware of this very influential album, dig it up and give it a listen, as it is very enjoyable and truly timeless pop craft.

A real blast!

If Spirit doesn't exactly ring a bell, go back in time to 1967 or thereabouts for the top 40 hit called I Got A Line On You. We used to cover that exciting tune in my earliest rock group.

I loved playing that song.

By the way, my post title today is a song title of mine. I'm A Spirit Now is one of the songs that will be included on my next full length CD project coming in Spring 2006. So stay tuned.

I'll keep you posted and share some previews near release time.

Special thanks today as well to Carolin McBrien for her inspirational country song creation that we co-wrote together over the weekend. It's a smash hit song called I'll Tell You About Her and it was very exciting to be a part of as a writer.

A record on this great new song will be cut eventually.

We'll get a demo up on this new tune soon and hopefully be introducing you to Carolin and more of our song co-writes together as time goes along. Carolin is a great composer of melody and also creates wonderful chord progressions.

Thanks today also to all who've commented so very kindly from all over the world regarding my special Veterans/Remembrance day tribute to my Grandfather. I appreciate your warm remarks and I will always honor our dedicated military heroes for their bravery.

Their spirit is ours to pass along now. Let us hope we have learned the lessons of history and never break faith with those who fell.

Never Surrender. There is No Substitute for Victory.

Truth will prevail. The Fight has just begun.

I'm A Spirit Now.

Frank Trainor


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