Thursday, November 03, 2005

When The Night Comes Falling From The Sky

I saw thousands who could have overcome the darkness
For the love of a lousy buck I've watched them die
Stick around baby...we're not through
Don't look for me...I'll see you
When the night comes falling from the sky

It should not surprise those of you who are regular visitors and readers here to note that David Warren is one of my favorite writers.

David's Essays On Our Times regularly features uncommonly brilliant intellectual insights regarding the major important issues of our day from a distinctly candid and uniquely personal perspective.

An astute observer of the myriad critical undercurrents of our shared existence in this world today, David's journalistic standards and compassionate concern towards every issue he writes about across the intellectual spectrum places him at the very top of many peoples "must read" lists, including my own. Political and cultural issues in our home country of Canada and abroad, demand our serious attention and much closer scrutiny here at home and no one illuminates that need more clearly or more consistently than does David Warren in his many great articles and other writings.

As crucial and important a voice as Mark Steyn, in my opinion.

David Warren is essential reading here at FRANKtalk.

Read David Warren's recent article Here & There. It is brilliant and definitive in its scope as to the true nature of the decline in our country today as the cold uncaring jackboot of endless corruption inures the thoughtless many into an apathetic, blind acceptance of compliant inertia, atrophy and final dependence on elitist political manipulations and self serving control of our eroding freedoms.

Some of you may appreciate one or two of my previous posts commenting on related matters so let me kindly refer you also to my own InDepth Insights firstly and to They Stopped Loving Her Today as a bit of background perspective to my personal recommendations.

Hope you enjoy.

Well, I sent you my feelings in a letter
But you were gambling for support
This time tomorrow I'll know you better
When my memory is not so short

This time I'm asking for freedom
From a world which you deny
And you'll give it to me now
I'll take it anyhow
When the night comes falling from the sky

Frank Trainor

"When The Night Comes Falling From The Sky"
Bob Dylan copyright 1985 Special Rider Music
From the Columbia Records album Empire Burlesque


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