Monday, January 02, 2006

FRANKtalk: The Mission Statement

It is my purpose and hope with this website to establish with all of you who visit here, a deeper recognition of your own higher life in the discovery of the underlying values and principles which resonate here at FRANKtalk. My keynote topics are my passions obviously and my professional interests as a songwriter/artist and music producer.

I am also a spirited Catholic soul, a true philosophical conservative and a lover of rich stories laced with transcendent beauty & humor. This site is purposeful then in honoring those virtues, which speak to integrity, professionalism, substance, human dignity, respect, class, timeless values, intellectual fulfillments & deep spiritual awareness.

These authentic and consistent characteristics represent the intent and mission statement of FRANKtalk reflecting my personal ideals.

These deeper values and determinations, seemingly lost entirely to the vapid superficial culture of our times, encapsulate my own truest voice as an artist, as a writer and as a man in the early 21st century.

Contemporary socio-political issues of the day will come and go, as will the canned by-product muzak of the masses, but great artists, great songs and great writers of substantive philosophical insight and wisdom are forever. These appreciations of InDepth revelations and spiritual discovery cannot be purchased with the currency of credit. These things must be born in a man through his hard won experience, through trials by fire and the humble surrender of a soul to its proper disposition in the heart of its creator.

Life is not merely acquisition.

Nothing less will bring understanding. Nothing less will bring peace, hope, happiness or fulfillment. Nothing less will raise a man's spirit to the heights of his possibilities and to the full potential of his life.

Nothing less can ever satisfy our deepest mystical longings.

My commitment to you is my commitment to myself as a man of first principles firstly and as an artist/writer with a unique human vision.

I give you my all in the humble expectation of an intense reciprocal energy produced through the action of spiritual and personal gifting.

And I look to you in welcome expectation of your own appreciations in the year ahead as we continue forward on our journey together.

We'll be talking...



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