Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Rockin' In The Free World

For the vast army of determined freedom fighters keeping their powder dry in the deeper foxholes of Cannuckistan, good news from the front. The struggle has been joined here behind enemy lines.

The blogosphere has had a vital role to play in the fall of this country's power hungry Liberal Politburo led by exposure of our government's corruption emanating from cutting edge American Bloggers Ed Morrissey at Captain's Quarters, Austin Bay and the amazing Michelle Malkin. These voices and many more are on board and solidly in support of the ideals and goals of our own true political freedom and independence, long fought for here in the great white north. All the news that's ridiculously unfit to print here in our own National corporate media, is flushed out and fully displayed at these and other great blogs such as our own treasured small dead animals.

If you are not reading these important blogs at this key moment in the history of western civilization, then you are woefully out of step culturally as well as being far behind the times in terms of hard news and information relayed as real currency. For Canadian patriots, the time is now to become aware of what is taking place in your country.

This is the superhighway you heard so much about …remember?

Nothing less than your inherent rights and freedoms are at stake.

Get up to speed daily by checking in regularly with my many indepth Illuminators featured here in my personal blog scroll at FRANKtalk.

Get to know far seeing, clear minded thinkers like David Warren, Victor Davis Hanson, Michael Coren, Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin, Hugh Hewitt, Right Wing Bob, Either Orr, Right Ho!, Free Dominion and many more whose vision and scope is so vastly superior to all "politically correct" lame stream media, it isn’t even a fair fight.

As Rush Limbaugh once defined it…talent on loan from God…arguing with half their brains tied behind their backs, just to make it fair.

Traffic is increasingly heavy and growing louder every day.

They're really rockin' in the free world.

Don't get left behind.

Frank Trainor

Talking Points: More insights at Brian Maloney’s The Radio Equalizer and Outside The Beltway. Check ‘em all out folks. It’s well worth it.


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