Sunday, December 18, 2005

Santa Paul [Notwithstanding Claus]

With Christmas and a federal election both looming now, I figured there ought to be a conscious and determined effort put forth here to abide in the generous spirit of the season and provide whatever illumination I can regarding Canada’s unsettling political landscape.

This is not difficult since we happen to be blessed in this country to claim the illuminative Kate McMillan at Kate is not only a brave and determined woman, she also happens to be one of the smartest, most talented Canadians currently providing substantive commentary on our country's socio-political culture.

I mention Kate in regard to a recent SDA blog post that provides essential information and clear perspective concerning our country's Canadian Charter Of Rights And Freedoms. There’s been a lot of focus in our socialist media over a much ballyhooed “straw man” taboo in our culture known as the "notwithstanding clause" of our country’s manifesto…er, I mean charter of rights and freedoms.

Charges have been leveled at Conservative leader Stephen Harper by our Evil Santa, Prime Minister Paul ["notwithstanding Claus"] Martin, as to Harper’s intended “secret agenda” to invoke our constitution’s notwithstanding clause as a means of overturning the Liberal’s own recently enforced legislation redefining the institution of marriage.

Kate's CBC political roundtable campaign blog journal [for which she's received tremendous heat from activist leftists] is also important to note. Kate’s CBC debut, The UnCanadian, was especially effective.

Read all of the links provided my friends. The truth will set you free.

Kate McMillan is the brightest light and hottest focal point of conservative courage that we've seen in Canada for a long time.

Kate and her blog display more brains, courage, proactive determination and true compassionate love for her country than many here have the foresight or guts to address. She is the very personification of true female strength and virtue.

She makes me want to be a better man.

Indeed, she reminds me of my own wife.

A strong and determined soul with a brave heart of everlasting value.

I love that kind of strength and courage in a woman...don't you?

Frank Trainor


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