Thursday, December 15, 2005

Sirius, XM, iTunes, etc...

Press releases from satellite entertainment media giants Sirius and XM Radio this week signal a new phase in the ongoing evolution of non-terrestrial radio and future entertainment industry promotions. Combining rollouts with customized, cross-platform niche marketing and the dynamics of cutting edge platforms, at long last confirms the digital revolution’s promise of extending deeper and broader cultural roots within society and across the entire entertainment spectrum.

Music fans and lovers of the radio medium itself should be ecstatic, although it remains to be seen how responsive people will be in the long term towards premium subscription features of XM for example. However, greater public awareness and gradual consumption of these exciting, integrated dynamics should drive competition and further profitability in the near future although none are there just yet.

Both satellite services offer a wide array of choices and both will eventually come to be dominant players is my guess, despite our own country's bland, governmentally regulated media environment.

The superseding regulatory bodies in our native land’s protectionist socialist gulag of creative segregation have recently been forced to accept the real world and approve applications to provide satellite subscription services in our country in favor of offering consumers true choices against the more typical, across the board "Canadian Content" regulations and restrictions. This can only be considered as a victory in the battle for creative freedom and entrepreneurial enterprise as well as for the Canadian public's freedom of choice.

Sirius was first out the gate with their much-hyped acquisition of “shock jock” Howard Stern, who ranks as one of the top attractions in American broadcast culture. Stern is a hot brand commodity and a very big noise who pulls huge numbers for advertisers so Sirius and it's very "serious" investors are looking for major results from a star on whose name draw alone they've risked an incredible fortune.

Personally, I’m more interested and excited by the XM Satellite Radio news that Bob Dylan will be hosting his own hour long show beginning in March of 2006 wherein he will play personally selected music from his own record library collection and speak with invited guest artists. Now that's something I would definitely pay a subscription fee to be able to listen Bob himself sings in his jump song Summer Days from 2001’s Love & Theft, "she said you can't repeat the past...I said you can't…?…wadda ya mean ya can't...? …of course you can..." And of course, Bob can repeat the past like no other and undoubtedly will in his eclectic personal music choices & timeless artistic reflections.

Amen and Alleluia.

Interesting timing to realize on a personal note here that having just published my recent post on Little Steven's Underground Garage, that news would emerge just days later on the XM Radio announcement about Bob Dylan and his own radio show. The times it would seem, and the airwaves, they are a-changin' indeed. Personally, I couldn't be happier about it from every perspective you can possibly imagine.

Talk about a simple twist of fate.

TALKING POINTS: The incredible success of iTunes has been in the news a lot lately as well and given everything that is developing so rapidly now in the digital download realm as well as in the hot satellite radio realm, I think it's fair to say that the revolution is well underway in achieving the bright new future for music creators and music fans alike that we've all been wanting to be realized finally.

It's a very satisfying feeling to be creatively involved in this revolution as a songwriter/artist and as a fan of great music.

My writer's soul is deeply energized and greatly enriched through these new mediums as a means of more closely sharing my creative gifts and songs with you on a much more personal basis than was ever possible in the past. Welcome to the future. We made it.

My personal thanks again here today to recent link partners who've honored me by adding FRANKtalk to their own personal blog rolls. Right Ho! is a political blog written by an anonymous professional journalist and I recommend it highly. Either Orr also provides very intelligent and salient cross border political commentary with a touch of humor added and my high recommendation there as well.

FRANKtalk is gaining notice and respect from a number of such sites of late now including Faithmouse, which mentioned us here recently.

Faithmouse is a wonderful Christian site featuring the world class cartoons of artist Dan Lacey and is a sister site to Renew America.

As a Catholic pro-life supporter of brilliant socio-political advocate and peerless orator, Allen Keyes, I couldn't be more proud of linkage with these particular philosophically rooted sites. And of course, as always, my deep respect and thanks to Right Wing Bob who is #1 on my personal list for many reasons not the least of which is the fact that RWB was the very first ever to link FRANKtalk to his great site.

Frank Trainor


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