Saturday, November 19, 2005

Obviously Five Believers

Bob Dylan opens his eagerly anticipated series of concerts at London's Brixton Academy this weekend with performances scheduled for five consecutive nights beginning on Sunday, November 20 and continuing through Thursday November 24th. These performances will no doubt emerge as highlights of the current tour as Bob's London shows have proved to be special in recent years. So, obviously five believers, fifteen jugglers and all those attending and in spirit, will be awaiting the revelation of each nights set lists as if for tablets from on high.

Something about London brings out the most inspired song choices in Bob and so we expect that events will prove to be no less exhilarating in this gig's scope of classics which will be brought forth for the enjoyment of the Brixton patrons, presumably on all five nights.

A couple of years ago in London, Bob's shows received the highest praise imaginable for any performing artist as the reviews and tributes of his shows were glowing in their expressions of awe and appreciation of Bob Dylan as THE definitive artist of our times.

Noteworthy among those tributes was a particular item that I have linked in my Tributes & Memories Gallery at

It's a great resource site called Music For Grown-Ups.

I highly recommend it and it's sister site The Dylan Daily.

You’ll enjoy both sites especially if you appreciate the breadth of power and labyrinth depth of Bob Dylan and his stunning songbook.

This leg of the tour has just wound its way into England with shows in Birmingham and Nottingham earlier this past week as well as a show in Glasgow, Scotland. Following the nearly week long stint at Brixton Academy, Bob and company then perform their last two dates of the European tour in Dublin, Ireland before breaking for the Holidays.

The performance we attended on the most recent western Canadian tour [July 24/05] was a mystical experience and truly inspired in its overtly spiritual setlist. My wife Linda and I were situated front row center and directly in front of Bob who was in top form that night.

At shows end, as Bob and the band acknowledged the tremendous applause from a very grateful audience, I looked him directly in the eye and said "Thank you, Bob...thank you". The ghost of 'lectricity and gracious acceptance howled in the bones of his face as he returned a discerning look that projected a silent response that said "you're welcome...glad you get it...musically and spiritually".

It was easily as memorable and defining a moment for me as was my meeting Johnny Cash, June Carter and Carl Perkins many years ago.

George Jones a few years later too and Bill Monroe shortly after that.

For essential links check out Expecting Rain and RightWingBob.

Talking Points: My thanks to yet another Bob at either orr for adding FRANKtalk to his blogroll recently. either orr is a favorite new site that I've added recently here at FRANKtalk. I welcome and greatly appreciate the kind reciprocation between our "wingnut" sites.

As robot guy [a brand new link addition to FRANKtalk] has also indicated on his amazing site, I too am proud to be a wingnut.

In fact, you should read how either orr defines what a wingnut is.

Check it out for important reading and some great political humor.

In London...they're getting ready for the feast.

They'll soon be doin' the double shuffle and throwin' sand on the floor.


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