Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Great American Music Hour

Word this week that music from my new InDepth CD Grace & Gravity will be featured on The Great American Music Hour radio show and podcast tomorrow, Monday, January 9, 2006. Here’s the podcast link and the radio show will be broadcast beginning at 11 p.m. Eastern Time on WRIR 97.3 FM in Richmond, Virginia and streaming online at

Jerry Jodice is host of the Great American Music Hour based in Richmond VA and is a great new fan of my music and songwriting.

Jerry plans to play many of the songs from Grace & Gravity in the course of his broadcasts and podcast programming over time, but expect to hear my song When The Tide Comes Rushin' In featured prominently in my introductory debut on Jerry’s show Monday night.

Grace & Gravity is available from a number of cool download sites including ItsAboutMusic, Audio Lunchbox, e-music and Sandbar Music as well as via InDepth Records at my website The album contains 10 of my very best songs as a songwriter/artist and I am equally proud of the great production achieved in the studio with my co-producer and very talented guitarist/engineer Cory Bitner who deserves huge credit for the solid arrangements on this record.

The songs and productions on Grace & Gravity resonate strongly with the timeless pop/rock chemistry that I've always admired on many of my favorite hit records over the years. From our super tight opening bluesy rocker, The Taste Of Your Own Poison, through a sequence of lyrically expressive tunes and rhythmic grooves, Grace & Gravity carries you along to the last breath of acoustic ballad Inside Out.

Hope you will enjoy my feature debut as an artist and songwriter on The Great American Music Hour broadcast and program podcast.

My sincere thanks to Jerry Jodice for featuring my music on his programs and thank you for listening and checking out more of my music from Grace & Gravity. Please visit my website for the full Frank Trainor story and the complete history of my music & career.

See my InDepth Links section on this blog's sidebar for more details and information on all of my CD's including my two previous albums.

Talking Points: My friend and music business associate Lloyd Doyle informs me that his new Sandbar Music website is getting very close to being relaunched soon in its improved and rockin' new version. Stay tuned here at FRANKtalk for that update news as Sandbar's new site is indeed looking and sounding fantastic these days! I am proud of our recent new association and excited for all our future projects.



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