Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Songwriter Summit

Lots of items on the music business agenda lately with particular regard to my involvement later this month with Atlantic Canada's premiere music industry association activities and awards showcase happening Feb 23-27 in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

The ECMA [East Coast Music Association] 4 day affair in my hometown will feature lots of great music and networking of course along with the ECMA awards show which will be hosted this year by The Trailer Park Boys and broadcast nationally on the CBC network.

Close To The Coast @The ECMA's in association with Sandbar Music will be sponsoring a very special feature into the musical mix of events this year with a great new songwriters gathering scheduled over 4 consecutive nights called The Songwriter Summit.

I have been invited to host as well as perform as a featured guest at all 4 nights of The Songwriter Summit and indeed I am very honored to say that I have accepted and that I am greatly looking forward to being a part of this premiere debut event which will be the first of many future songwriter events of its kind in Eastern Canada both at the ECMA's as a regular awards week showcase event and beyond.

There will be blog posts and update reports from Charlottetown throughout ECMA weekend as I navigate my way around my old hometown hooking up with old friends, new music business associates, fellow songwriters and maybe even a few surprises.

In the meantime, I just have to relate this...turned on the tube the other night to an old Saturday Night Live from the mid 70's and the musical guest was Chuck Berry playing Johnny B. Good complete with the Duck Walk ...turned then to the PBS Detroit channel showing an old Johnny Cash "Live from Tennessee State Prison" show with guests Roy Clark and Linda get this...I'm just coming from Chuck Berry and Johnny B. Good and suddenly I got J.R. Cash in his prime singing Folsom Prison Blues, Sunday Morning Comin' Down, Jacob Green, Hey Porter, The Orange Blossom Special and new song A Boy Named Sue, all within a half hour...then, Roy Clarke does his guitar thing which was always great...and here comes Linda Ronstadt belting out “Desperado”, “You're No Good”, “I'd Give Anything To See You Again” & “Silver Threads and Golden Needles”.

Seriously, I thought I'd died and gone to Heaven. I don't know about you, but I haven't seen or heard that much great classic music and songs on regular TV all at once since PBS showed No Direction Home. Afterward, a quick channel switch also brought Allison Kraus and Union Station to the evenings enjoyment. Man, I’m tellin’ ya, maybe I oughta watch more TV...I had no idea things were this good lately.

Linda Ronstadt's segment reminded me of a great Kris Kristofferson story actually which you'll get to hear about right here at FRANKtalk. I was a signed writer at Combine Music after all so Kris Kristofferson stories are well known to me…hell, I signed my songwriter contract with Combine Music in Kris’s office…anyway, when Kristofferson was just breaking as an artist/songwriter, his manager asked him if he'd like to open for Linda Ronstadt at The Troubadour in Los Angeles.

Kristofferson, obviously well acquainted with Linda Rondstadt’s album Silk Purse, replied, “…is that some kind of a trick question…”


Talking Points: My thanks to Kate at small dead animals for adding FRANKtalk to her blog site recently. I am very proud to be linked at SDA where you'll find my link under Kate's "Yanks, Mostly" blog roll. The worm has turned also, as this latest link add has now evolved my TTLB status to that of a Crunchy Crustacean. This may in fact mean that I'll eventually have to feature a "Lobster Roll" here at FRANKtalk instead of just a blog roll. The nice thing is that just like Mike Duffy, I too am from Prince Edward Island originally so that would not be a problem and indeed it might just be a pretty cool blog innovation.

On a more serious note, several major political stories have been resonating in the culture lately both at home and abroad so you'll want to stay informed via the most balanced and reliable sources of news information and commentary regarding all of the big issues.

Daily-recommended blog reads are Neale News, Bourque Newswatch, Drudge, small dead animals and Angry In The Great White North.

Spotlight: A brand new feature to announce here at FRANKtalk. Spotlight will focus on a particular blog link or linked item from my sidebar sections as the muse strikes. My six sidebar sections are all arranged in descending order as InDepth Links, Songwriters Gallery, Scribes and Illuminators, Grace & Gravity, I'm A Spirit Now & The Box

This weeks Spotlight is on The Lost Beatles, which can be found under the Grace & Gravity "cosmos" section. The Lost Beatles is a rare listen inside recently unearthed recording sessions capturing performances by the greatest little rock 'n roll band of all time.

Hope you enjoy!



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