Monday, March 20, 2006

Music Killers

An edifying article by Michael Geist via Prime recently on who's really killing the music industry in Canada. Here's a hint, it isn't artists & songwriters or independent music publishers. We’re trying to promote music and create real new music business opportunities.

The music killers are the long entrenched copyright monopoly crowd and their accomplices in the mainstream media now undergoing the most serious challenges to their dominance since democracy itself.

Geist: “Moreover, if there is a problem with the Canadian online music market it is not the lack of anti-circumvention legislation but rather the debilitating effect of SOCAN, CMRRA, and the copyright collectives who are demanding at least 40 percent of the gross revenues of such services. As I wrote nearly a year ago, "the true threat to that future [the development of an economically viable download market] does not come from peer-to-peer downloads that is already subject to compensation through the private copying levy but rather from collectives that seem determined to receive a very large share of a very tiny market." The full effect of the collective cash grab is beginning to emerge as some music services have dropped out of Copyright Board proceedings. If the government really wants to address the online music market, addressing the copyright collective problem would be a good place to start.”

Read the whole thing here

It’s time to listen up songwriters and independent music publishers.

The truth will set you free. If you don't recognize where your own best interests and opportunities are, why should the business care.

The business has never cared about anything other than owning your collective rights towards their own interests as a monopoly industry.

We refer to that activity here at FRANKtalk as The Old In Out.

As a copyright creator, why should it be your obligation to fall into line with a rapidly dying structural model while embracing the uncertain life of indentured servitude to that monopoly's exclusive purposes and self-serving regulations for the rest of your mortal days [plus 50 or 70 years depending on your particular legal designation].

Need more proof of their collective desperation…?

Ok…this just in from mi2n

Hey Hey My My

Talking Points: Right Wing Bob references Dylan’s Property Of Jesus at his RWB site today…think I will too…


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