Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I Read The News Today, Oh Boy

One of the most interesting and authoritative new sites focused on The Beatles and their legacy is Beatles Today. Beatles Today is the world's only Beatles News and Opinion Magazine on the Internet.

With regular columnists such as Mersey Beat founder Bill Harry and noted Beatles historian Martin Lewis, Beatles Today provides its readers with news and opinion on The Beatles from the most richly informed and historically balanced perspectives that one could ever imagine. Beatles Today relates first hand experiences and direct involvement with The Beatles and their management/support team as well as providing current Beatles related news and important Beatles information and items of interest from around the world.

Beatles Today contributing columnists include Mitchell Symons [British writer and journalist], Bruce Spizer [Beatles author and historian], David Haber [Beatles Webmaster], Paul Saltzman [photographer, filmmaker, author of The Beatles In India] and Seth Swirsky [hit songwriter, author and recording artist].

Beatles Today is a relatively new venture which I've had linked in my sidebar section called The Box for quite awhile now and I've thoroughly enjoyed reading it on each and every visit. It's great!

Seth Swirsky is also a regular contributor to Real Clear Politics among other pages as an opinion writer. A recent column of Seth's on the contrast between George Bush's decency and class compared with the incivility of Democrats caught my attention recently.

Here's that link: Bush's Decency Highlights Democrats Incivility

Seth is a Beatles fan obviously [he is a pro songwriter after all] and we songwriters get The Beatles "up on another level" as Bob Dylan might put it. But Seth is also a writer of books and seems a refined and respectful artist with a love of family and a fond appreciation of cool baseball memorabilia among other interesting pursuits.

Check out Seth’s unique site and read some of his great stories.

Especially enjoy the one about his meeting George Harrison.

I'd love to have that one stored in my own memory bank.

Talking Points: Here's two Beatles related links from The Box

Being There

The Lost Beatles

Spotlight: On New Things. Kindest thanks this week to two fellow intellectual conservative religious bloggers for adding FRANKtalk to their sites. Rerum Novarum is a wonderful in depth forum on topics ranging from politics and war to traditional Catholic faith, theology and Church history among other things, not the least of which is Shawn McElhinney's love of blues guitar music and its progenitors.

Shawn kicked off his Rerum Novarum blogpost of Wednesday, June 28, 2006 with his regular Points to Ponder feature by quoting a line from a song of mine called When The Tide Comes Rushin' In taken from my current Grace & Gravity CD. Here's the line: "It ain't the time to learn how to swim when the tide comes rushin' in…"

FRANKtalk is now linked at Rerum Novarum.

Thanks for the links and kind appreciations Shawn. Rerum Novarum is the definition of a true intellectual conservative vision with a traditional Catholic theological basis. For those with the requisite hunger and the acquired taste, a veritable smorgasbord. Enjoy!

Another new link partner to FRANKtalk is Western World Politics now known as based in Manchester, Lancashire, UK. The new web home of WWP. Discussion of news, current affairs, the war on terror and developments in the culture war. Proudly pro-family, pro-American and pro-freedom. Comments are strongly encouraged.

Thanks to WWP editor Michael for his kind respect and appreciation in adding FRANKtalk and to his website as well.

Quote of the Month-- "It occurred to me by intuition, and music was the driving force behind that intuition. My discovery was the result of my musical perception." - Albert Einstein (when asked about his theory of relativity). Very perceptive Albert…ain't it the truth.

Frank Trainor


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