Saturday, December 09, 2006

Richest Man On Earth

Reflecting on the many wonderful blessings and good fortune which I’ve been experiencing in my life and music business pursuits lately, a song title of Paul Overstreet’s came to my mind that I think just about says it aIl. I truly do feel like I’m the Richest Man On Earth.

Paul Overstreet is not just the songwriter of Richest Man On Earth, he really lives out his life on earth embracing personal and spiritual values as a man of great dignity and humble grace. His professional stature as a legendary Hall of Fame songwriter has been secured with a string of hit songs that places the name of Paul Overstreet among the very top echelon of elite songwriters in the entire history of the Nashville country music industry. Check this out…

My personal respect for Paul Overstreet is extremely high both for his success as a professional songwriter and for his ethics as a man. Paul has stood tall firstly as a Christian husband and father whose positive example for other songwriters to emulate has been exemplary.

Paul Overstreet’s successful path in his life is every bit as profound and rich as his very succesful journey in the music business has been.

He knows what it means to be the richest man on earth.

Just as I do now today.

Grace & Gravity

Speaking of Grace…and riches too…my good buddy and former SBK colleague Jim McBride and I also had a great opportunity to spend some time together during my recent visit to Nashville. Jim McBride is also a Hall of Fame writer with a string of hits to his credit such as Chattahoochee [Alan Jackson] & Rose In Paradise [Waylon Jennings].

Jim is a personal friend and a favorite writer of mine for his honesty and humble nature as a professional. I have the deepest respect for Jim both as a songwriter and as someone who is just a great guy.

These days Jim operates his own intellectual property business called Copyright Recapture which returns copyrights to songwriters estates.

The photo above of Jim in his office shows him holding up a CD that you might recognize from this website. It’s called Grace & Gravity.

Now whose record do you think that might be I wonder…?

Photo Credits:
Frank Trainor and Paul Overstreet [photo by Jody Williams]
Jim McBride [photo by Frank Trainor]


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