Sunday, October 15, 2006

In Touch With The Mystery

The Muse that never ages was born in my soul in 1972 when I stepped off a greyhound bus in Nashville Tennessee with kitbag & guitar in hand hoping to find Kris Kristofferson & Music Row. 15 years later, I was signed as a writer to Combine Music…Kris’s home on the Row… famous for years among songwriters as The House Of Quill Repute.

Events which led me to that profound experience in my life and songwriting career did not occur merely by chance. Becoming a professional songwriter was written in my soul from the beginning as the countless hours and long years of struggle to perfect my craft now prove testimony to my toil. Gifts which are neither cheap nor free to abuse without consequence haunt my life daily in the absense of a real culture within which to enhance them. The sad state of our cultural reality today does not negate however the powerful pulsing of love in the vein so there is no time to waste in the headlong thrust towards destiny. So mark these words, that destiny is being fulfilled at every level and at every conceivable point a person can imagine.

It’s midnight in Nashville…empty streets…all night bus terminal festering with the tension and the baggage. What’s that sound?

It’s my heart beating. Broken, but still in touch with the mystery…

Gallery Focus: Frank Trainor Music is more than a songwriter's vision or craft material of an artist's repertoire. For me it is and always will be a way of life…click on the link to read A Way of Life


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