Saturday, February 24, 2007

Cry For A Shadow

George Harrison
February 25, 1943 - November 29, 2001

There'll come a time
When all of us must leave here

Then nothing Sister Mary can do
Will keep me here with you
As nothing in this life that I've been trying
Can equal or surpass the art of dying
Do you believe me? - George Harrison 1970

Now you might ask, in this world of all art being measured by opening weekend box office and all success measured by the quarterly corporate bottom line, who cares about transcendence and what the hell is transcendence anyway?

There’s no money in it.

Unless somebody creates a reality TV show around it, it ain’t gonna make it these days. But that is a world you and I refuse to live in because we know better. We know something that mainstream culture has long forgotten. Corporate America survives by suppressing & Wall Street has never known the most important things in life can’t be explained in high ratings, revealed in a profit and loss statement or discovered in marketing research. Great art illuminates life by its mystery and that is why business men despise the creative people they unfairly exploit and ultimately destroy.

Because creators are in touch with the mystery and because of that connection creators create amazing and beautiful and life affirming and potentially very profitable things out of thin air…the very common mundane pictures & sounds all around us that mean nothing until put into a form that communicates. And ultimately all art communicates one single message and that message is Eternity.

That is real power and the bosses that control this planet are jealous of it. They know they are frauds. They know that the only reason that they have a job is because the genius that hired them was a fraud just like them. They will never have real power however because they create nothing. They will never be secure because they have no real identity & they’ll keep the working people of this planet tortured, frustrated, too tired to think and mired in the quicksand of spiritual bankruptcy forever.

There is no revolution that will ever overthrow them. The only true revolution is to learn to live without them…among them…but not with them. It is a revolution that takes place within first…then in the embrace of likeminded angel headed hipsters …and finally, in the understanding and acceptance of the transcendent redemptive positive energy of love.

And George Harrison understood all that completely.


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