Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Moore You Know About Michael

InDepth illuminations this week features an interesting commentary at Seattle called Michael Moore a victim of his own success written by Janet Street-Porter of The Independent.

Revealing the true nature of elitist arrogance and the blatant hypocrisy of extreme "Moonbat" Leftists, the Moore revelations underscore just how truly vile and putrid holier-than-thou entertainment industry icons have become.

Especially in Hollywood.

The music business also is rotten to the core and reeks with the unmistakable odor of disingenuous altruism and avariciousness directed against Judeo-Christian culture and democratic freedoms.

Do a random search of any artist in the folk music alliance network for example and judge for yourself how the collectivist’s socialistic mission appears to be nothing short of radically reorienting western civilization backwards towards Marxist/Leninist protocols.

Music is far from being their only purpose.

This impression is obvious to anyone who investigates the facts.

Not all, but certainly most members of the organized folk music world, are indeed leftist advocates whose positions on matters of cultural & political importance aren’t just flawed, they're dangerous.

These are folks who ostensibly care so much more deeply about human rights, the environment, tolerance, equality, world peace and social justice than you horrible conservative capitalists do…right?


They're Marxist/Leninists attempting to outlaw your inherent rights, annihilate your religious freedoms & destroy all traces of traditional values for their myopic secularist utopian ends.

There is no tolerance on the radical Left for inherent freedoms of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as expressed by Catholics and other conservative traditionalists in our modern secular world.

The fundamentalist Left is not amenable to dissent or appeasement.

If you think I might be overstating the case, think again.

Then take a closer look.

Check out the personal leftist ideology pages of some of the artists supported and aligned with the folk music alliance network and discover for yourself the open advocacy to outright Marxism and latter day communism advanced boldly and stridently in firm denouncements of traditional values and our western way of life in freedom. Note how any and all dissenting voices of hierarchical, capitalistic and democratic institutions are caustically reproved.

These are activists whose hatred of humanity knows no bounds.

Discover for yourself what is so painfully obvious to any examination that it ought to be front page news in any civilized democracy so vulnerable now to being completely undermined by evil forces of categorical subjugation of our inherent rights and freedoms.

It's time to wake up folks. Our civil culture is being hijacked.

And we know what always follows the hijacking...right?

Let's Roll.


Talking Points: More illuminations at RightWingBob and Ann Coulter.

Also, check out GritWits by David Warren.

Bob Dylan at London's Brixton Academy happens this weekend.

I'm planning a personal tribute post.

Most recent archaeological Bob Dylan digs...John Wesley Harding, Biograph, Blood On The Tracks, Desire, Love & Theft.


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