Sunday, July 09, 2006

This Human Passion

Ain't got no time for wastin' time no more
And I got no reason for evenin' up the score
Just one more day and I'll be in my sweet Heaven
Just one more night of livin' with this human passion

"This Human Passion"
Copyright 2005 Frank Trainor/Road Skolar Music Publishing
from the InDepth Records CD The Comfort Sound Sessions

Something completely unexpected happened to me this past week which had a truly profound impact on my sensitive artist’s soul.

I was emotionally catapulted back to when I was a young songwriter just beginning my professional music journey in the very early 1970's.

You see, I'm secretly teaching myself to play lead guitar these days by playing along with the music programming on digital TV channels. This is very unusual for me as I have never really been compelled to play lead guitar as a songwriter/artist. I’ve always sung and played rhythm guitar, so the idea of actually sitting down and struggling to learn this new single note approach to the instrument after 35 years of songwriting and playing music on guitar my whole life feels a little bit strange at this late point to say the least. I’m totally self-taught.

So there I was, fumbling around on the frets like a rank beginner searching for mystery scales previously undiscovered and switching around on the channels between rock, country, folk, blues, adult alternative and songs from the 70's and 80's. I had just landed on the country station when out of the blue a song came on that sounded strangely familiar to my ears. So, I located the key and the chords and started to play along. Suddenly I realized that it was a song of mine that I had written 35 years ago and which Canada’s top country group of that time, The Mercey Brothers, had a hit with in 1973.

My heart skipped a beat as I realized I was trying to play along to a song that I had actually written myself when I was only 17 years old.

The experience stunned me as it made me consciously aware of just how long I've been at this game of songwriting and how long I've been at home on this long highway journey called the road of life. My very own early days song, performed by a now long since retired & famed country band, playing to me alone in my living room on the digital TV channel while I patiently searched around for the lost chord. Unreal.

I put the guitar down and thought about all the years in between.

This was my first ever recording of one of my very early songs.

Indeed, I have mostly forgotten about it in the years since it was a radio hit. The fact that it was even getting airplay at this late point surprised me to tell you the truth. But, there it was and there I was. Curiously unaware that it was even my own song for a second or two.

It was a very strange experience especially since I’ve been used to hearing my songs and my records played on radio for many years.

This was different. This was a ghost from my long ago past wearing a disguise as an old gold country hit. That spirit reintroduced itself.

It caused me to pause and appreciate all the things a man ought to be eternally grateful for and it made me reflect on my long journey in life creating magic with these God given gifts of songwriting talent and music. The art and craft of forging melodies with tuneful lyrics.

I am truly blessed.

The song was called Our Lovin' Times and it was written way back in 1971, recorded by The Mercey Brothers and released to radio on the RCA Victor label. It was a country radio hit in 1973 and is included on a Greatest Hits RCA album called The Best Of The Mercey Brothers.

Merle Haggard was singing by the time I snapped back into this present dimension "...are the good times really over for good..."

Not quite yet, Merle...the highway's still my home.

The Road Skolar


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