Wednesday, January 11, 2006

In Praise Of A Proud Professional

As a native of "tiny" Prince Edward Island, I could not have been more proud of my fellow Islander, CTV host and veteran political journalist, Mike Duffy, while broadcasting live from Montreal in a studio panel set-up after the French debate between each of the party leaders running in our federal election. Liberal "attack dog" John Duffy [no relation] was as per usual attempting to intimidate and strong arm the always inquisitive, but thoroughly professional and genuinely genial “Duffer" [PEI slang for Duffy] into sidestepping certain uncomfortable journalistic questions pertaining to an abruptly aborted new Liberal ad campaign strategy of demonizing Conservative leader Stephen Harper while vilifying Canada’s Military.

Mike just "coldcocked" him [PEI slang for attitude adjustment] with a truly righteous and indignant reprove that will go down in Canadian television journalistic history as the TV moment the Liberals finally got their heads handed to them by an outraged media professional.

It was something I never thought I would ever witness and in fact did not see "Live" but couldn't miss it in streaming replay mode currently overloading servers all over the blogosphere and at the CTV website. What a knockout punch and on live TV no less...and right after the televised French debate...on CTV of all places...just fantastic to see.

Smarmy John Duffy was so shocked and so utterly rocked back in his chair that he just froze up and sank speechless into the news desk.

He never even knew what hit him. I know what hit him because I'm from PEI. He just got what was comin' to on the air.

"Tiny" Mike Duffy flattened him right where he sat and I wouldn't be surprised if John Duffy the Liberal "lap puppy" didn't mess his panties right there on set when it happened as these elitist Liberal gasbags are never as tough as they talk in trying to force their dictates on the more polite and benign proletariat and all good people from places like “tiny” Prince Edward Island. Mike Duffy should be awarded the Order of Canada and a Gemini Award for his courage in putting his professional integrity and ethical principles ahead of any mainstream media requirements or pressure to bow compliantly to the demands of the Liberal Party of Canada or towards any government of the day.

Liberals have never been a more corrupt or more spent force than they so obviously are today and Mike Duffy easily demonstrated those weaknesses when he wiped the floor with it's chief on air yapper. It was a Mike Tyson first round TV knockout that was well overdue.

Atta boy Duff, you make me proud, not only as a PEI boy but as a true Canadian for your courage and bravery in taking the fight to these smarmy Liberal dictators. You showed them that they couldn’t push around a true professional journalist in the execution of his or her responsibilities. When it comes to the public's legitimate political concerns you have every right and a duty to fight back and you sure demonstrated your own righteous indignation as a citizen in resisting political coercion being forced upon us by coolly and professionally dressing down this snippy little clown in a very measured fashion.

You were like a tough teacher rebuking a disrespectful pupil who thought he could get away with insulting you. Way to go Duffer.

It's reassuring to realize that it's a good-natured likeable PEI born journalist who is publicly defending our rights in freedom in this great country of ours. After all, our hometown, Mike Duffy's and mine, is Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. Charlottetown is the birthplace of Canada’s confederation. It may well be again if this stuff keeps up. Mike Duffy is making me proud to be a Canadian again. Indeed, My Grandfather would be very proud of Mike as well. My Grandfather, the late Frank Walker, was for 35 years the Editor of The Guardian in Prince Edward Island. Remember Mr. Walker, Mike?

The Guardian was, in my Grandfather’s day, the official Conservative newspaper of record in Prince Edward Island. Frank Walker was a professional journalist. Like Mike Duffy, he was a man of principles and integrity who demonstrated that integrity and those principles every day in his writing through brilliant editorials. He also served honorably in our country’s military as a soldier in World War 1. Mike Duffy has no doubt read my Grandfather's editorials back home in PEI when he was a young man. Everyone read Frank Walker’s editorials.

So let me tell you Mike that Frank Walker would be very proud of the stand you took against John Duffy. I knew my Granddaddy very well and I know what he stood for in his highly principled spirit all times. He was a man of real backbone and true courage. Just like you Mike.

Come Election Day let's honor Mike Duffy for having the guts and the true fighting spirit to defend his integrity and his first principles as a media journalist working across the spectrum of all political debate.

Let's all stand up for Canada and toss the corrupt criminal Liberal party finally onto the trash heap of history where it truly belongs.

In the meantime you've got to see the CTV video clip.

I've linked it just below with a little bit of a humorous set-up.

I'm relishing this as a Canadian and as a conservative but I'm also proud to say in light of this event that I too am an "Islander".

Just like my homeboy Mike Duffy.

Duffy vs. Duffy [from CTV]

Price of a cushy lifetime Liberal patronage appointment to the Canadian Senate = Millions of hard earned wasted tax dollars

Cost of becoming a leftist Canadian ideological journalist = hundreds of thousands of socialist spun white wash lies about conservatives

CTV on air video clip of Mike Duffy reading the riot act to whining and pompous Liberal “lap puppy” John Duffy = absolutely priceless

Talking Points: You can’t afford to miss David Warren’s Pinch Me article in reference to what is developing in our political arena at this crucial moment in Canada’s history. It’s great as usual and in fact, you shouldn’t miss David Warren at any time. David Warren is among the most brilliant writers working anywhere today and you would be doing yourself a huge disservice in not checking him out. He’s proudly ours here in Canada. A true blessing for our country.


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