Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Passing Parade

With the reality of a powerful and ascendant conservative culture beginning to finally register on the radar with leftists everywhere in North America, it seems timely to reflect on the dying, old world dynamics of the retrenched defeatism known as Liberalism.

The passing parade of social cynicism, fiscal fear mongering and elitist condescension [which some still choose to call "progressive"] has had its last free run in the sun and is quickly fading out of sight.

The clowns obviously are always the last acts to be observed at the end as they wind their way along their route happily tooting their horns while trying to avoid stepping in the pungent piles of fresh droppings created by the more disaffected acts preceding them.

All of course are aimed towards the same illusory destination at the end of their loudly honking, but colorful display. Nowhere Road.

I recommend some insightful reading from a few of the brightest and the best that Canada currently has to offer in today’s new journalism wherein the blogosphere played a significant role this election season in our country for the very first time. With this "post election" post, I humbly point you to these intelligent commentators and very astute observers of our culture as new vanguards of our cultural politics.

The substantive tides of change and realignment are rising and are being more forcefully felt today in the renewal of hope permeating every facet of our lives, not only in our own nation, but obviously in The United States of America and increasingly around the world.

15 years ago, Rush Limbaugh characterized Liberalism as the most gutless political choice an individual could ever make in their life.

Rush was right then and he is right today. It has just taken Canada this long to finally wake up. We are still a long way from fully and collectively embracing alternatives to our nanny state, especially in our major urban environments, but as our great writer, David Warren so clearly and eloquently points out in his most recent article called The Urban Angle, the tectonic plates are slowly shifting.

Read all these illuminators in the links provided. They are acutely aware and brilliant writers. You simply cannot afford to ignore them.


Talking Points: Music and international pro songwriting projects are dominating my schedule of late so posts have been light and mostly political in nature due to our recent nationwide general election. As a philosophical conservative, I couldn't be happier or more proud of our new Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper for winning the race by defeating the nattering nabobs of negativism with honor, dignity, and a hopeful forward vision for our country's bright future.

We'll soon be getting back to music and songwriting posts in the days ahead now that the election is behind us, but for now, sweet victory.

Just for the record, I presumed in my previous post [Jan18/06] that a secure majority for our side seemed imminent, but I was way off by quite a wide margin in that overtly hopeful but miscalculated guess. A majority requires 155 seats in our parliament and though it seemed possible at one point that a fresh Conservative tidal wave was indeed building towards that numerical possibility, it was highly speculative to expect that result in a country that tilts heavily left politically.

I was keenly advancing the high hope, but obviously not the harder numbers the daily polls began to indicate soon after my last post. We won obviously, but in the end, the seat count was nowhere near a majority, but in fact was smaller than expected. So, a "beachhead" minority government was to be our electoral destiny of the moment.

That will do.

Especially considering the devastating alternatives.

Our voices of dissent and opinion can no longer be suppressed.

But as "Bones" used say to Captain Kirk in Star Trek,
" ...damn it, Jim...I'm a doctor not a prognosticator..."

That's true...I am a "song" doctor...not a politician or a pundit.

So beam me up Scotty...I've got work to do...

In the meantime, God Bless Canada and God Bless our new Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his family.


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