Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Victory For Canada's Conservatives

With our country's federal election campaigns wrapping up this week, it seems all but certain now that Stephen Harper's Conservative Party is set to win office with a secure majority in our parliament riding on a strong and growing mandate emerging from a broad cross-section of our nation including unpredicted huge support from the province of Quebec where all expectations for Conservatives gaining support were marginal at best in light of the perceived stranglehold on Quebec’s politics by Sovereignty alternative party Bloc Quebecois.

The numbers now indicate a stunning breakthrough for Conservatives in Quebec after 13 years adrift on the fringes of political relevancy.

It's a great thing for this country to be witness to such wide and growing support for Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party in Quebec and in Ontario as well, where current dissatisfaction with Liberals is revealing itself in that province's important realignment.

All things considered, this vital change couldn't be coming at a more crucial time in our modern history. It has not been a stable time for our uneasy confederation the past few years. Our traditional bonds of diverse co-interests and shared national vision as a country have seldom appeared to be more tenuous than they've been recently.

This victory is truly a mark of Canada's real success as strong nation.

Conservatives ran a great national campaign of broad and diversified unity as their foundational touchstone in rallying support for a focus on trust and institutional accountability in government for all regions and for all provincial concerns. The positive national uplift created in bringing the whole country on board towards establishing enshrined principles and integrity across the spectrum once again will indeed go a very long way to repairing the terribly strained and long overdue federal provincial relationship with the province of Quebec.

Quebec is a unique constituency whose deep distrust and abiding alienation towards federal Liberal patrimony and cynical patronage was further exacerbated by recent Liberal party scandals and the outright criminal mismanagement of millions of taxpayers dollars in that very concerned and dare I say, "distinct" provincial jurisdiction.

Alberta also, where conservative values predominate on the provincial level, will be greatly mollified with a new federal Conservative government coming to power in Ottawa in the expectation that it’s province’s needs and interests will finally begin to be addressed at the federal level in consideration of it's rightful and patient concerns as a dynamic economic powerhouse.

Conservative Party leader and soon to be our Prime Minister elect, Stephen Harper, himself a native of Ontario, has lived much of his adult life in the west and is considered a westerner. He makes his home here in Calgary, Alberta. The fastest growing city in Canada.

Enough has been received and documented concerning the lowest depths of vast Liberal corruption and mismanagement at this late point in the game. The case has been clearly made against any hope of reinstating the atrophy of that politically correct, bankrupt status quo, so there's no real point replaying the sad history of that party's malfeasance and corrupt dysfunction as a supposed national voice of any purpose in Canada other than its own survival. Suffice it to say, it is a sad and painful legacy that will not soon be forgotten, but which will hopefully never be repeated in this country ever again.

The long national nightmare of the Pierre Trudeau era is finally over.

And so too is the Liberal Party manifesto that bore its ugly imprint.

On Monday evening, January 23, 2006, a brand new era in Canadian political history will unfold ushering in a hopeful new confidence and fresh sense of purpose and destiny now emerging from the support and trusted empowerment of the majority of our country's electorate towards Stephen Harper and his Conservative vision for our country.

Our inherent rights in freedom for all Canadian citizen human beings will eventually no longer hinge merely on judicial fiat or on a fearful caution that only "notwithstanding" clauses of a restrictive, Liberal created, charter of government sanctioned rights can apportion our liberty to us as otherwise free individuals of conscience. Thank God.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper will stand up for all of Canada.

Canadians should all proudly stand together now for our collective future and destiny as a free nation. Because freedom is never free.

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