Sunday, July 16, 2006

Have Gun Will Travel

"I gotta lotta respect for a gun" - Jack Fate

Not only did he always vanquish his foe in a gunfight, Paladin often decided beforehand whether he would merely wound the unlucky man or kill him! If his opponent was evil enough, he'd be wasted; Paladin accepted the fact that he had the power of life and death -- he quite clearly played God, and did not take that responsibility lightly. It's also clear that he was, for all practical purposes, as talented at his craft as anyone. On occasion he would get wounded in a fair fight, but if he did, you could be sure his opponent would be shot dead. Based on his demeanor and his deeds, Paladin obviously knew he need fear no man; he reigned at the summit of the gunslinging food-chain, and he understood that truth completely. Paladin... hgwt

Have Gun Will Travel

One of these days you'll wake up in a world not standing still
To see that weeds have grown beyond your window sill

All the paint upon your silos then will be cracked & chipped & peeled
And all your heavy tools of harvest will be rusting in your field

I'll be movin' on down a clear cut road towards the risin' sun
To find that brighter mornin's work that's never done

I've tilled my soil in season here but I won't reap my season's run
Until I pack this ground beneath my feet and load my travellin' gun

Have gun will travel
Bad news for Babylon
This Troubadour moves on
With every song
My mark is seldom missed
My target's emptiness
Five bullets for its nest
And one between its eyes

Have Gun Will Travel
copyright 2006 Frank Trainor


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