Sunday, January 29, 2006

Shakin' All Over

Beethoven rolled over and told Tchaikovsky the news a very long time ago but everything old is new again with an ambitious near epic documentary airing on CBC this Monday night [Jan 30/06] based on rock critic Nicholas Jennings's seminal book Before the Gold Rush: Flashbacks to the Dawn of the Canadian Sound. The documentary is called Shakin' All Over and it promises to be a monumental journey through the past to borrow a phrase from Neil Young whose own early Winnipeg band The Squires is profiled in the retrospective.

Here's a link to Shakin' All Over...the birth of Canuck rock

I have the Nicholas Jennings book this new documentary is based on and having read and reviewed it, I can tell you it's a great trip from beginning to end. My own generational connections to early Canadian rock music and its history are very strong of course, but I was also involved in music business pursuits for years in Toronto where I once was offered the opportunity when I was quite young to perform at The Riverboat, which is perhaps the most famous of all of Yorkville’s old performing coffee house venues. Toronto’s Gaslight if you will.

I shared the stage that night with my buddies The Good Brothers in their Riverboat debut. Jack Cassidy of The Jefferson Airplane was on acoustic bass guitar. My old friend Sam "The Record Man" Sniderman had arranged for my spot on the bill that night and he and Riverboat owner Bernie Fiedler sat together listening intently as I played my solo acoustic set. I wasn't too nervous, but looking back now, I wasn't really all that proficient at that early stage of my development. I had a few original songs and a cut or two on radio, but I was still finding my voice as an artist so I probably didn't impress that much. It was fun though...such a night. Anticipating viewing this documentary, I'm thrilled to feel a deep connection knowing that I've met and spent creative time around many of these people as a professional over the years and of course, I've actually played The Riverboat in Yorkville.

Check this program out tomorrow night as I'm sure you will love it for all the richness of the history of our creative music artistry here in Canada which served as a prime model in many respects for many of the major developments in American rock beginning in the 60's...let's face it...where would the music have evolved to in the states if not for the important influence of the Canadian icons of Rock history...?

Anyone needing further convincing should think about just a few of the names that came from this country... Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, The Guess Who, Steppenwolf, The Band, Gordon Lightfoot, David Clayton Thomas, Ian & Sylvia, Denny Doherty of The Mamas And Papas...just to mention a few of the more notable and historic names. Remember too that Neil Young was also a founding member of groundbreaking country rock band Buffalo Springfield and an important artistic part of supergroup Crosby Stills Nash & Young.
And Joni Mitchell...without question the prototype and high Goddess of every introverted female singer/songwriter to come after her.

Joni Mitchell is the Muse.

You'll love it. Don't miss it.

I'll be glued to it like I was for No Direction Home.

You can't get a higher recommendation from me than that.

Talking Points: My personal congratulations and best wishes go out this week to my friend and music business associate Lloyd Doyle and his company at Sandbar Music on the occasion of Sandbar's official launch of their new and improved website. You will note my feature section and direct access to my music at Sandbar as we will also be reporting on some upcoming events we've been working on together the past little while so stay tuned here at FRANKtalk for further details as projects continue to develop. More news coming soon.

Until then, I'll be Shakin' All Over with the rockin' pneumonia and the boogie woogie blues. Ciao baby…I hear there’s good rockin’ tonight.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Passing Parade

With the reality of a powerful and ascendant conservative culture beginning to finally register on the radar with leftists everywhere in North America, it seems timely to reflect on the dying, old world dynamics of the retrenched defeatism known as Liberalism.

The passing parade of social cynicism, fiscal fear mongering and elitist condescension [which some still choose to call "progressive"] has had its last free run in the sun and is quickly fading out of sight.

The clowns obviously are always the last acts to be observed at the end as they wind their way along their route happily tooting their horns while trying to avoid stepping in the pungent piles of fresh droppings created by the more disaffected acts preceding them.

All of course are aimed towards the same illusory destination at the end of their loudly honking, but colorful display. Nowhere Road.

I recommend some insightful reading from a few of the brightest and the best that Canada currently has to offer in today’s new journalism wherein the blogosphere played a significant role this election season in our country for the very first time. With this "post election" post, I humbly point you to these intelligent commentators and very astute observers of our culture as new vanguards of our cultural politics.

The substantive tides of change and realignment are rising and are being more forcefully felt today in the renewal of hope permeating every facet of our lives, not only in our own nation, but obviously in The United States of America and increasingly around the world.

15 years ago, Rush Limbaugh characterized Liberalism as the most gutless political choice an individual could ever make in their life.

Rush was right then and he is right today. It has just taken Canada this long to finally wake up. We are still a long way from fully and collectively embracing alternatives to our nanny state, especially in our major urban environments, but as our great writer, David Warren so clearly and eloquently points out in his most recent article called The Urban Angle, the tectonic plates are slowly shifting.

Read all these illuminators in the links provided. They are acutely aware and brilliant writers. You simply cannot afford to ignore them.


Talking Points: Music and international pro songwriting projects are dominating my schedule of late so posts have been light and mostly political in nature due to our recent nationwide general election. As a philosophical conservative, I couldn't be happier or more proud of our new Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper for winning the race by defeating the nattering nabobs of negativism with honor, dignity, and a hopeful forward vision for our country's bright future.

We'll soon be getting back to music and songwriting posts in the days ahead now that the election is behind us, but for now, sweet victory.

Just for the record, I presumed in my previous post [Jan18/06] that a secure majority for our side seemed imminent, but I was way off by quite a wide margin in that overtly hopeful but miscalculated guess. A majority requires 155 seats in our parliament and though it seemed possible at one point that a fresh Conservative tidal wave was indeed building towards that numerical possibility, it was highly speculative to expect that result in a country that tilts heavily left politically.

I was keenly advancing the high hope, but obviously not the harder numbers the daily polls began to indicate soon after my last post. We won obviously, but in the end, the seat count was nowhere near a majority, but in fact was smaller than expected. So, a "beachhead" minority government was to be our electoral destiny of the moment.

That will do.

Especially considering the devastating alternatives.

Our voices of dissent and opinion can no longer be suppressed.

But as "Bones" used say to Captain Kirk in Star Trek,
" ...damn it, Jim...I'm a doctor not a prognosticator..."

That's true...I am a "song" doctor...not a politician or a pundit.

So beam me up Scotty...I've got work to do...

In the meantime, God Bless Canada and God Bless our new Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his family.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Victory For Canada's Conservatives

With our country's federal election campaigns wrapping up this week, it seems all but certain now that Stephen Harper's Conservative Party is set to win office with a secure majority in our parliament riding on a strong and growing mandate emerging from a broad cross-section of our nation including unpredicted huge support from the province of Quebec where all expectations for Conservatives gaining support were marginal at best in light of the perceived stranglehold on Quebec’s politics by Sovereignty alternative party Bloc Quebecois.

The numbers now indicate a stunning breakthrough for Conservatives in Quebec after 13 years adrift on the fringes of political relevancy.

It's a great thing for this country to be witness to such wide and growing support for Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party in Quebec and in Ontario as well, where current dissatisfaction with Liberals is revealing itself in that province's important realignment.

All things considered, this vital change couldn't be coming at a more crucial time in our modern history. It has not been a stable time for our uneasy confederation the past few years. Our traditional bonds of diverse co-interests and shared national vision as a country have seldom appeared to be more tenuous than they've been recently.

This victory is truly a mark of Canada's real success as strong nation.

Conservatives ran a great national campaign of broad and diversified unity as their foundational touchstone in rallying support for a focus on trust and institutional accountability in government for all regions and for all provincial concerns. The positive national uplift created in bringing the whole country on board towards establishing enshrined principles and integrity across the spectrum once again will indeed go a very long way to repairing the terribly strained and long overdue federal provincial relationship with the province of Quebec.

Quebec is a unique constituency whose deep distrust and abiding alienation towards federal Liberal patrimony and cynical patronage was further exacerbated by recent Liberal party scandals and the outright criminal mismanagement of millions of taxpayers dollars in that very concerned and dare I say, "distinct" provincial jurisdiction.

Alberta also, where conservative values predominate on the provincial level, will be greatly mollified with a new federal Conservative government coming to power in Ottawa in the expectation that it’s province’s needs and interests will finally begin to be addressed at the federal level in consideration of it's rightful and patient concerns as a dynamic economic powerhouse.

Conservative Party leader and soon to be our Prime Minister elect, Stephen Harper, himself a native of Ontario, has lived much of his adult life in the west and is considered a westerner. He makes his home here in Calgary, Alberta. The fastest growing city in Canada.

Enough has been received and documented concerning the lowest depths of vast Liberal corruption and mismanagement at this late point in the game. The case has been clearly made against any hope of reinstating the atrophy of that politically correct, bankrupt status quo, so there's no real point replaying the sad history of that party's malfeasance and corrupt dysfunction as a supposed national voice of any purpose in Canada other than its own survival. Suffice it to say, it is a sad and painful legacy that will not soon be forgotten, but which will hopefully never be repeated in this country ever again.

The long national nightmare of the Pierre Trudeau era is finally over.

And so too is the Liberal Party manifesto that bore its ugly imprint.

On Monday evening, January 23, 2006, a brand new era in Canadian political history will unfold ushering in a hopeful new confidence and fresh sense of purpose and destiny now emerging from the support and trusted empowerment of the majority of our country's electorate towards Stephen Harper and his Conservative vision for our country.

Our inherent rights in freedom for all Canadian citizen human beings will eventually no longer hinge merely on judicial fiat or on a fearful caution that only "notwithstanding" clauses of a restrictive, Liberal created, charter of government sanctioned rights can apportion our liberty to us as otherwise free individuals of conscience. Thank God.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper will stand up for all of Canada.

Canadians should all proudly stand together now for our collective future and destiny as a free nation. Because freedom is never free.

Talking Points: Thanks to our latest new link partners Faithmouse and Pro Ecclesia for adding FRANKtalk to their blog links recently. Thanks again also to Jerry Jodice for spotlighting my music recently on his radio and podcast show The Great American Music Hour and for also linking my singer/songwriter website

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

In Praise Of A Proud Professional

As a native of "tiny" Prince Edward Island, I could not have been more proud of my fellow Islander, CTV host and veteran political journalist, Mike Duffy, while broadcasting live from Montreal in a studio panel set-up after the French debate between each of the party leaders running in our federal election. Liberal "attack dog" John Duffy [no relation] was as per usual attempting to intimidate and strong arm the always inquisitive, but thoroughly professional and genuinely genial “Duffer" [PEI slang for Duffy] into sidestepping certain uncomfortable journalistic questions pertaining to an abruptly aborted new Liberal ad campaign strategy of demonizing Conservative leader Stephen Harper while vilifying Canada’s Military.

Mike just "coldcocked" him [PEI slang for attitude adjustment] with a truly righteous and indignant reprove that will go down in Canadian television journalistic history as the TV moment the Liberals finally got their heads handed to them by an outraged media professional.

It was something I never thought I would ever witness and in fact did not see "Live" but couldn't miss it in streaming replay mode currently overloading servers all over the blogosphere and at the CTV website. What a knockout punch and on live TV no less...and right after the televised French debate...on CTV of all places...just fantastic to see.

Smarmy John Duffy was so shocked and so utterly rocked back in his chair that he just froze up and sank speechless into the news desk.

He never even knew what hit him. I know what hit him because I'm from PEI. He just got what was comin' to on the air.

"Tiny" Mike Duffy flattened him right where he sat and I wouldn't be surprised if John Duffy the Liberal "lap puppy" didn't mess his panties right there on set when it happened as these elitist Liberal gasbags are never as tough as they talk in trying to force their dictates on the more polite and benign proletariat and all good people from places like “tiny” Prince Edward Island. Mike Duffy should be awarded the Order of Canada and a Gemini Award for his courage in putting his professional integrity and ethical principles ahead of any mainstream media requirements or pressure to bow compliantly to the demands of the Liberal Party of Canada or towards any government of the day.

Liberals have never been a more corrupt or more spent force than they so obviously are today and Mike Duffy easily demonstrated those weaknesses when he wiped the floor with it's chief on air yapper. It was a Mike Tyson first round TV knockout that was well overdue.

Atta boy Duff, you make me proud, not only as a PEI boy but as a true Canadian for your courage and bravery in taking the fight to these smarmy Liberal dictators. You showed them that they couldn’t push around a true professional journalist in the execution of his or her responsibilities. When it comes to the public's legitimate political concerns you have every right and a duty to fight back and you sure demonstrated your own righteous indignation as a citizen in resisting political coercion being forced upon us by coolly and professionally dressing down this snippy little clown in a very measured fashion.

You were like a tough teacher rebuking a disrespectful pupil who thought he could get away with insulting you. Way to go Duffer.

It's reassuring to realize that it's a good-natured likeable PEI born journalist who is publicly defending our rights in freedom in this great country of ours. After all, our hometown, Mike Duffy's and mine, is Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. Charlottetown is the birthplace of Canada’s confederation. It may well be again if this stuff keeps up. Mike Duffy is making me proud to be a Canadian again. Indeed, My Grandfather would be very proud of Mike as well. My Grandfather, the late Frank Walker, was for 35 years the Editor of The Guardian in Prince Edward Island. Remember Mr. Walker, Mike?

The Guardian was, in my Grandfather’s day, the official Conservative newspaper of record in Prince Edward Island. Frank Walker was a professional journalist. Like Mike Duffy, he was a man of principles and integrity who demonstrated that integrity and those principles every day in his writing through brilliant editorials. He also served honorably in our country’s military as a soldier in World War 1. Mike Duffy has no doubt read my Grandfather's editorials back home in PEI when he was a young man. Everyone read Frank Walker’s editorials.

So let me tell you Mike that Frank Walker would be very proud of the stand you took against John Duffy. I knew my Granddaddy very well and I know what he stood for in his highly principled spirit all times. He was a man of real backbone and true courage. Just like you Mike.

Come Election Day let's honor Mike Duffy for having the guts and the true fighting spirit to defend his integrity and his first principles as a media journalist working across the spectrum of all political debate.

Let's all stand up for Canada and toss the corrupt criminal Liberal party finally onto the trash heap of history where it truly belongs.

In the meantime you've got to see the CTV video clip.

I've linked it just below with a little bit of a humorous set-up.

I'm relishing this as a Canadian and as a conservative but I'm also proud to say in light of this event that I too am an "Islander".

Just like my homeboy Mike Duffy.

Duffy vs. Duffy [from CTV]

Price of a cushy lifetime Liberal patronage appointment to the Canadian Senate = Millions of hard earned wasted tax dollars

Cost of becoming a leftist Canadian ideological journalist = hundreds of thousands of socialist spun white wash lies about conservatives

CTV on air video clip of Mike Duffy reading the riot act to whining and pompous Liberal “lap puppy” John Duffy = absolutely priceless

Talking Points: You can’t afford to miss David Warren’s Pinch Me article in reference to what is developing in our political arena at this crucial moment in Canada’s history. It’s great as usual and in fact, you shouldn’t miss David Warren at any time. David Warren is among the most brilliant writers working anywhere today and you would be doing yourself a huge disservice in not checking him out. He’s proudly ours here in Canada. A true blessing for our country.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Great American Music Hour

Word this week that music from my new InDepth CD Grace & Gravity will be featured on The Great American Music Hour radio show and podcast tomorrow, Monday, January 9, 2006. Here’s the podcast link and the radio show will be broadcast beginning at 11 p.m. Eastern Time on WRIR 97.3 FM in Richmond, Virginia and streaming online at

Jerry Jodice is host of the Great American Music Hour based in Richmond VA and is a great new fan of my music and songwriting.

Jerry plans to play many of the songs from Grace & Gravity in the course of his broadcasts and podcast programming over time, but expect to hear my song When The Tide Comes Rushin' In featured prominently in my introductory debut on Jerry’s show Monday night.

Grace & Gravity is available from a number of cool download sites including ItsAboutMusic, Audio Lunchbox, e-music and Sandbar Music as well as via InDepth Records at my website The album contains 10 of my very best songs as a songwriter/artist and I am equally proud of the great production achieved in the studio with my co-producer and very talented guitarist/engineer Cory Bitner who deserves huge credit for the solid arrangements on this record.

The songs and productions on Grace & Gravity resonate strongly with the timeless pop/rock chemistry that I've always admired on many of my favorite hit records over the years. From our super tight opening bluesy rocker, The Taste Of Your Own Poison, through a sequence of lyrically expressive tunes and rhythmic grooves, Grace & Gravity carries you along to the last breath of acoustic ballad Inside Out.

Hope you will enjoy my feature debut as an artist and songwriter on The Great American Music Hour broadcast and program podcast.

My sincere thanks to Jerry Jodice for featuring my music on his programs and thank you for listening and checking out more of my music from Grace & Gravity. Please visit my website for the full Frank Trainor story and the complete history of my music & career.

See my InDepth Links section on this blog's sidebar for more details and information on all of my CD's including my two previous albums.

Talking Points: My friend and music business associate Lloyd Doyle informs me that his new Sandbar Music website is getting very close to being relaunched soon in its improved and rockin' new version. Stay tuned here at FRANKtalk for that update news as Sandbar's new site is indeed looking and sounding fantastic these days! I am proud of our recent new association and excited for all our future projects.


Monday, January 02, 2006

FRANKtalk: The Mission Statement

It is my purpose and hope with this website to establish with all of you who visit here, a deeper recognition of your own higher life in the discovery of the underlying values and principles which resonate here at FRANKtalk. My keynote topics are my passions obviously and my professional interests as a songwriter/artist and music producer.

I am also a spirited Catholic soul, a true philosophical conservative and a lover of rich stories laced with transcendent beauty & humor. This site is purposeful then in honoring those virtues, which speak to integrity, professionalism, substance, human dignity, respect, class, timeless values, intellectual fulfillments & deep spiritual awareness.

These authentic and consistent characteristics represent the intent and mission statement of FRANKtalk reflecting my personal ideals.

These deeper values and determinations, seemingly lost entirely to the vapid superficial culture of our times, encapsulate my own truest voice as an artist, as a writer and as a man in the early 21st century.

Contemporary socio-political issues of the day will come and go, as will the canned by-product muzak of the masses, but great artists, great songs and great writers of substantive philosophical insight and wisdom are forever. These appreciations of InDepth revelations and spiritual discovery cannot be purchased with the currency of credit. These things must be born in a man through his hard won experience, through trials by fire and the humble surrender of a soul to its proper disposition in the heart of its creator.

Life is not merely acquisition.

Nothing less will bring understanding. Nothing less will bring peace, hope, happiness or fulfillment. Nothing less will raise a man's spirit to the heights of his possibilities and to the full potential of his life.

Nothing less can ever satisfy our deepest mystical longings.

My commitment to you is my commitment to myself as a man of first principles firstly and as an artist/writer with a unique human vision.

I give you my all in the humble expectation of an intense reciprocal energy produced through the action of spiritual and personal gifting.

And I look to you in welcome expectation of your own appreciations in the year ahead as we continue forward on our journey together.

We'll be talking...

. .