Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Rockin' In The Free World

For the vast army of determined freedom fighters keeping their powder dry in the deeper foxholes of Cannuckistan, good news from the front. The struggle has been joined here behind enemy lines.

The blogosphere has had a vital role to play in the fall of this country's power hungry Liberal Politburo led by exposure of our government's corruption emanating from cutting edge American Bloggers Ed Morrissey at Captain's Quarters, Austin Bay and the amazing Michelle Malkin. These voices and many more are on board and solidly in support of the ideals and goals of our own true political freedom and independence, long fought for here in the great white north. All the news that's ridiculously unfit to print here in our own National corporate media, is flushed out and fully displayed at these and other great blogs such as our own treasured small dead animals.

If you are not reading these important blogs at this key moment in the history of western civilization, then you are woefully out of step culturally as well as being far behind the times in terms of hard news and information relayed as real currency. For Canadian patriots, the time is now to become aware of what is taking place in your country.

This is the superhighway you heard so much about …remember?

Nothing less than your inherent rights and freedoms are at stake.

Get up to speed daily by checking in regularly with my many indepth Illuminators featured here in my personal blog scroll at FRANKtalk.

Get to know far seeing, clear minded thinkers like David Warren, Victor Davis Hanson, Michael Coren, Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin, Hugh Hewitt, Right Wing Bob, Either Orr, Right Ho!, Free Dominion and many more whose vision and scope is so vastly superior to all "politically correct" lame stream media, it isn’t even a fair fight.

As Rush Limbaugh once defined it…talent on loan from God…arguing with half their brains tied behind their backs, just to make it fair.

Traffic is increasingly heavy and growing louder every day.

They're really rockin' in the free world.

Don't get left behind.

Frank Trainor

Talking Points: More insights at Brian Maloney’s The Radio Equalizer and Outside The Beltway. Check ‘em all out folks. It’s well worth it.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Grifting From Scene To Scene

Monday, November 28, 2005 will mark the fall of Canada's wretched minority Liberal government and dissolution of the current session of Parliament providing us now an immediate general federal election. This pregnant event comes at not a minute too soon for this deeply disoriented country, although for the scandal plagued, irredeemably arrogant and unabashedly corrupt Liberal Party and their oligarchical elite establishment cronies, it will simply be business as usual on the campaign hustings as they set about grifting from scene to scene mouthing their shallow platitudes and other condescending slogans of concern, while expressing empathetic walrus tears for the patient and pliant proletariat's hopeful desires to have their stockings neatly stuffed and fully filled with goodies by Christmas. Prime Minister Paul Martin and his smarmy storm trooper elves are indeed already doing their very best to accommodate to that expectation in true altruistic spirit of the season by emptying the larder of yet even more billions of your casually dispensed, hard earned tax dollars with which they intend to satisfy and placate every one of the disparate special interest groups on Santa's wish list. However, it may take time to deliver on everything exactly as ordered and of course, their largesse depends entirely on whether or not the Liberals get to regain power.

Voters then, manipulated by fear mongering and our comprehensive socialist controlled media marketing of uncertainty in regard to the alternative vision of the dark and scary agenda of Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party, may as likely respond to the threat of losing their Christmas stocking treats & other entitlement stuff by avoiding that nightmare of their true freedom and choice at all costs.

For so many, there is an inexplicably deep, abiding need not to have to worry about such difficult things. They just want their free death care, their happy Soviet Winter Solstice Pine Tree Holiday, and their government to not bother them while they stuff their naked turkeys.

The only real certainty at this point is that Santa Paul will continue to promise everyone's stocking and turkey will indeed be stuffed.

After all, that's been the traditional Liberal motto for generations here in Canada: We Rule...so the rest of you can get stuffed.

On an entirely different note, William F. Buckley, the true father of modern conservatism, celebrated his 80th birthday on Thanksgiving Day this year. Powerline has a nice tribute piece called WFB @ 80 and respected conservative journalist, George F. Will, also has a recent well written and definitively expressed Opinion Journal op-ed piece called A Journalist For The Ages.

Both of these heartfelt tributes should be read and I recommend you to them with my own deep respect for the esteemed Mr. Buckley.

As is clearly evident at this page, you will note the obvious inclusion of many Catholic and other Christian sites of substance and spiritual importance. These are the days my friends, when the wheat becomes separated from the chaff. The world and all that is in it may indeed be PM Paul Martin's utopian oyster but the world is a finite illusion.

On your kind indulgence then today, to mark in my own way the Advent Season of God's True Light mysteriously born in the darkness of our error filled mortal existence in this agonized and dying world, a spiritual word of comfort and strength from a passing saint.

A Prayer by Blessed Miguel [composed just prior to his death]

Does our life become from day to day more painful, more oppressive, more replete with afflictions? Blessed be He a thousand times who desires it so. If life be harder, love makes it also stronger, and only this love, grounded on suffering, can carry the Cross of my Lord Jesus Christ. Love without egotism, without relying on self, but enkindling in the depth of the heart an ardent thirst to love and suffer for all those around us: a thirst that neither misfortune nor contempt can extinguish... I believe, O Lord; but strengthen my faith... Heart of Jesus, I love Thee; but increase my love. Heart of Jesus, I trust in Thee; but give greater vigor to my confidence. Heart of Jesus, I give my heart to Thee; but so enclose it in Thee that it may never be separated from Thee. Heart of Jesus, I am all Thine; but take care of my promise so that I may be able to put it in practice even unto the complete sacrifice of my life.

As G.K. Chesterton once said, "The politics of hell is not inequality, but androgyny". Aptly prophetic in these times wouldn't you say.

I would add one other quote from Chesterton as a songwriter today.

"The music of hell is not dissonance...but banality".

Deliver us Lord, from every evil...

Talking Points: In respect of the current political climate and the spirit of the times here in western Canada particularly, you'll find some interesting offerings on display at Alberta Republicans. Not being a true westerner myself, I'll hold my cards close to my vest in any case when it comes to aligning with any retail political platforms, but I am naturally sympathetic to the increasingly expressed ideals of a true conservative republican agenda as a Canadian national citizen and as a strongly committed, constitutional American of the Heart.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Three Chords And The Truth

This month’s issue of Canada's Country Music News [November 2005] brings some noteworthy items in regards to the "old" song publishing business as well as some cold hard truths concerning the nature of "record deal" contracts & other inequitable, but sadly all too typical business practices of a usurious infrastructure collapsing now finally under the weight of it's ongoing self-denial and monopolistic greed.

In a segment called The Writer's Block, Canadian born Lee Bach, a longtime Nashville songwriter, reveals how the most significant change that he's experienced in his four decades as a songwriter has been the hard realization that the heart of the Nashville industry, traditionally beating in rhythm with the creative "song" culture, is dead. Killed and embalmed by a "bean counter" marketing culture.

That and the increased numbers of songwriters who have continued to stream steadily into Nashville since the country music business exploded a dozen years ago. These elements make the country music industry of today a much more difficult challenge for all songwriters to contend with in terms of securing record "cuts" solely on the basis of unique talent, deep experience and professional craftwork.

When there are few real opportunities to compete within a network system whose energy and momentum is determined mainly by mass marketing imperatives, then any real groundswell of appreciation for the creative focus found in artistic songs eventually withers and dies.

It's very clear that songwriters pinning their hopes today on major level big time production budgets, multi-million dollar promotional roll-outs, radio payola and other tele-media marketing costs and cross-promotional tie-in ventures, should not be holding their breath while waiting for that big break to occur. It will not be forthcoming. On the other hand, if you were to visit Nashville today with two or three million bucks in your pocket you'd likely receive a warm, inviting reception. They might even publish a few of your songs.

On the record deal side of the double-edged sword known as the music business, we have no less a legendary icon than the great George Jones relating his insights into the nature of his current "independent" status against his many years of indentured servitude to the major labels along Music Row in Nashville, Tennessee. Let's let George [The Possum] himself fill you in on how things are today with his 50 year career now winding down and being promoted through his own independent Bandit Records label: "It is marvelous to get the money that's due you. I just wish I was selling as big as I did when I had those monster hits. The labels made all the money and you were always owing them for sessions. I've already made more off two or three albums than I ever received from all the other labels put together." George’s case is not exceptional; it’s a common story.

One other record label item in the CMN issue points out how so many Canadian country acts have recently lost their big Nashville deals, been rudely dropped, fallen from Grace, been shown the door, etc.
To which all I can say is this...if your fellow Canadian Country star, Gil Grand, [a great singer/performer in the style of George Strait], can get dropped after selling Gold [500,000 CD’s] on his successful Nashville major label debut of a few years ago, then what do these people and their often neophyte management experts expect...?

Platinum Plus is the base standard for simply being acknowledged and recognized at lunch on Music Row in Nashville. Trust me on that ok. Canadian acts selling in the low thousands [or worse], in the USA, are generally not even going to be considered very seriously on anybody's radar no matter which “big label” they're signed to. Most acts are signed just to be shelved eventually anyway. But leaving a deal, as Canadian artist Carolyn Dawn Johnson reportedly has done recently, is very smart in my opinion and even absolutely necessary at times.

I know a thing or two about being stuck in a dead-end contract deal with a major music publisher. I too have politely requested to be released from contracts in my own career. Carolyn Dawn Johnson is an aware artist who knows Music Row well and is simply playing it smart on behalf of her own future career prospects. She and her obviously tuned-in management know the real score in Nashville.

Sadly, the rest and so many more newcomers now coming along with stars in their eyes are simply dreaming in Technicolor. You have to know what this business is really about in all its complex dimensions, you singers and songwriters, or you don't have a prayer. You are the absolute last consideration of the music business investor. It's a high stakes, high risk, upside-down-in-the-ditch, lousy numbers game you can't win any way you cut it. So beware. Money and your copyrights are the only things that matter to the business people you’ll meet.

Unfortunately, many small time music business investors also often function as artist managers these days which might be comforting to some newbies, but it is in no way healthy from an artist’s standpoint when your manager’s bottom line is the return on his investment.

Some reference materials I'd recommend which would be of great value to those of you desiring and willing to learn about the facts of life in the Nashville music business include the following: Get Hot Or Go Home, Dreaming Out Loud and Three Chords and The Truth. Also worth checking out is a great general music article from MusicDish this week called Defining The True Artist...another good resource is Nashville's Unwritten Rules: [Inside the Business of Country Music]

Talking Points: Bob Dylan in London is surpassing all expectations with firsthand reviews and links archived at The Dylan Daily.

Condolences to Susan Jacks whose husband, Ted Dushinski, a former CFL football star passed away on October 24th. Susan is surely well remembered as one half of the very successful 1970's pop duo team The Poppy Family. I toured with Susan and Terry Jacks back in the early 70's when they were still married to each and riding high on international pop charts with hits like Which Way You Goin' Billy, Concrete Sea, Where Evil Grows and That's Where I Went Wrong. Terry Jacks later scored as a solo artist with Seasons In The Sun.

Thanksgiving greetings and prayers this week-end go out to our friends in The United States of America and to our brave military service men and women stationed in Iraq and all around the world. We appreciate your courage and personal sacrifice on behalf of us all and we join with your families in wishing you safe return.

As a personal recommendation during this Thanksgiving Holiday, please take a few minutes to read the two excellent commentary links that are highlighted just ahead, both from The Opinion Journal. Rush Limbaugh and Peggy Noonan speak eloquently and from their hearts on what is vital and important in our world and in all our lives today. Take heed to these words and comfort from their expression in a free and vibrant society still leading the whole world to a greater destiny than we may be able to perceive at times. It's well worth it.

Personal thanks on this day [November 24/84] for 21 years of contented, uninterrupted sobriety and the sanity of God's Grace.

God Bless you all and God Bless America.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Obviously Five Believers

Bob Dylan opens his eagerly anticipated series of concerts at London's Brixton Academy this weekend with performances scheduled for five consecutive nights beginning on Sunday, November 20 and continuing through Thursday November 24th. These performances will no doubt emerge as highlights of the current tour as Bob's London shows have proved to be special in recent years. So, obviously five believers, fifteen jugglers and all those attending and in spirit, will be awaiting the revelation of each nights set lists as if for tablets from on high.

Something about London brings out the most inspired song choices in Bob and so we expect that events will prove to be no less exhilarating in this gig's scope of classics which will be brought forth for the enjoyment of the Brixton patrons, presumably on all five nights.

A couple of years ago in London, Bob's shows received the highest praise imaginable for any performing artist as the reviews and tributes of his shows were glowing in their expressions of awe and appreciation of Bob Dylan as THE definitive artist of our times.

Noteworthy among those tributes was a particular item that I have linked in my Tributes & Memories Gallery at www.franktrainor.com.

It's a great resource site called Music For Grown-Ups.

I highly recommend it and it's sister site The Dylan Daily.

You’ll enjoy both sites especially if you appreciate the breadth of power and labyrinth depth of Bob Dylan and his stunning songbook.

This leg of the tour has just wound its way into England with shows in Birmingham and Nottingham earlier this past week as well as a show in Glasgow, Scotland. Following the nearly week long stint at Brixton Academy, Bob and company then perform their last two dates of the European tour in Dublin, Ireland before breaking for the Holidays.

The performance we attended on the most recent western Canadian tour [July 24/05] was a mystical experience and truly inspired in its overtly spiritual setlist. My wife Linda and I were situated front row center and directly in front of Bob who was in top form that night.

At shows end, as Bob and the band acknowledged the tremendous applause from a very grateful audience, I looked him directly in the eye and said "Thank you, Bob...thank you". The ghost of 'lectricity and gracious acceptance howled in the bones of his face as he returned a discerning look that projected a silent response that said "you're welcome...glad you get it...musically and spiritually".

It was easily as memorable and defining a moment for me as was my meeting Johnny Cash, June Carter and Carl Perkins many years ago.

George Jones a few years later too and Bill Monroe shortly after that.

For essential links check out Expecting Rain and RightWingBob.

Talking Points: My thanks to yet another Bob at either orr for adding FRANKtalk to his blogroll recently. either orr is a favorite new site that I've added recently here at FRANKtalk. I welcome and greatly appreciate the kind reciprocation between our "wingnut" sites.

As robot guy [a brand new link addition to FRANKtalk] has also indicated on his amazing site, I too am proud to be a wingnut.

In fact, you should read how either orr defines what a wingnut is.

Check it out for important reading and some great political humor.

In London...they're getting ready for the feast.

They'll soon be doin' the double shuffle and throwin' sand on the floor.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Moore You Know About Michael

InDepth illuminations this week features an interesting commentary at Seattle PI.com called Michael Moore a victim of his own success written by Janet Street-Porter of The Independent.

Revealing the true nature of elitist arrogance and the blatant hypocrisy of extreme "Moonbat" Leftists, the Moore revelations underscore just how truly vile and putrid holier-than-thou entertainment industry icons have become.

Especially in Hollywood.

The music business also is rotten to the core and reeks with the unmistakable odor of disingenuous altruism and avariciousness directed against Judeo-Christian culture and democratic freedoms.

Do a random search of any artist in the folk music alliance network for example and judge for yourself how the collectivist’s socialistic mission appears to be nothing short of radically reorienting western civilization backwards towards Marxist/Leninist protocols.

Music is far from being their only purpose.

This impression is obvious to anyone who investigates the facts.

Not all, but certainly most members of the organized folk music world, are indeed leftist advocates whose positions on matters of cultural & political importance aren’t just flawed, they're dangerous.

These are folks who ostensibly care so much more deeply about human rights, the environment, tolerance, equality, world peace and social justice than you horrible conservative capitalists do…right?


They're Marxist/Leninists attempting to outlaw your inherent rights, annihilate your religious freedoms & destroy all traces of traditional values for their myopic secularist utopian ends.

There is no tolerance on the radical Left for inherent freedoms of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as expressed by Catholics and other conservative traditionalists in our modern secular world.

The fundamentalist Left is not amenable to dissent or appeasement.

If you think I might be overstating the case, think again.

Then take a closer look.

Check out the personal leftist ideology pages of some of the artists supported and aligned with the folk music alliance network and discover for yourself the open advocacy to outright Marxism and latter day communism advanced boldly and stridently in firm denouncements of traditional values and our western way of life in freedom. Note how any and all dissenting voices of hierarchical, capitalistic and democratic institutions are caustically reproved.

These are activists whose hatred of humanity knows no bounds.

Discover for yourself what is so painfully obvious to any examination that it ought to be front page news in any civilized democracy so vulnerable now to being completely undermined by evil forces of categorical subjugation of our inherent rights and freedoms.

It's time to wake up folks. Our civil culture is being hijacked.

And we know what always follows the hijacking...right?

Let's Roll.


Talking Points: More illuminations at RightWingBob and Ann Coulter.

Also, check out GritWits by David Warren.

Bob Dylan at London's Brixton Academy happens this weekend.

I'm planning a personal tribute post.

Most recent archaeological Bob Dylan digs...John Wesley Harding, Biograph, Blood On The Tracks, Desire, Love & Theft.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

I'm A Spirit Now

One of the groundbreaking records of the early rock era is an album by Spirit called Twelve Dreams Of Dr. Sardonicus.

Featuring 12 great songs written by the legendary Randy California, this important & essential album captures tastefully psychedelic, but very artfully restrained pop production magic while emerging as a concept album which was not an unusual formula for it's times. But, unlike many contemporaries of Spirit's vintage, Spirit was unique in keeping their particular concept visions happening deep in the grooves at all times without meandering around in the spaces exploring their own navels which was a very common indulgence of most artists "concept albums" in those days including Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull and The Who, just to cite three examples.

As a result, Twelve Dreams sounds a lot more like a collection of great singles, [A & B sides], rather than simply long, drawn out reflections on one thing or another related to an artists "vision". Spirit was very much a solid rock band with a purpose towards "danceability" and radio success so the "hook" sparks fly and the tight grooves build upon pure pop craft perfection to very satisfying degrees throughout this legendary albums 12 tracks, my favorites of which would be Natures Way, Animal Zoo and Mr. Skin.

If you're not aware of this very influential album, dig it up and give it a listen, as it is very enjoyable and truly timeless pop craft.

A real blast!

If Spirit doesn't exactly ring a bell, go back in time to 1967 or thereabouts for the top 40 hit called I Got A Line On You. We used to cover that exciting tune in my earliest rock group.

I loved playing that song.

By the way, my post title today is a song title of mine. I'm A Spirit Now is one of the songs that will be included on my next full length CD project coming in Spring 2006. So stay tuned.

I'll keep you posted and share some previews near release time.

Special thanks today as well to Carolin McBrien for her inspirational country song creation that we co-wrote together over the weekend. It's a smash hit song called I'll Tell You About Her and it was very exciting to be a part of as a writer.

A record on this great new song will be cut eventually.

We'll get a demo up on this new tune soon and hopefully be introducing you to Carolin and more of our song co-writes together as time goes along. Carolin is a great composer of melody and also creates wonderful chord progressions.

Thanks today also to all who've commented so very kindly from all over the world regarding my special Veterans/Remembrance day tribute to my Grandfather. I appreciate your warm remarks and I will always honor our dedicated military heroes for their bravery.

Their spirit is ours to pass along now. Let us hope we have learned the lessons of history and never break faith with those who fell.

Never Surrender. There is No Substitute for Victory.

Truth will prevail. The Fight has just begun.

I'm A Spirit Now.

Frank Trainor

Monday, November 07, 2005

From A Stretcher Handle

November 11, 2005
Veterans/Remembrance Day

We honor those whose heroic sacrifices produced victory in war for the cause of liberty.

We join our spirits with those courageous souls who died on behalf of our freedom.

We shall not break faith.

Here is my own personal tribute to one veteran who served as a stretcher bearer in World War I.

Field Ambulance, 1st Canadian Contingent

My Grandfather.

From A Stretcher Handle

The Guardian of Prince Edward Island, Canada, was regarded in my grandfather's time as the conservative newspaper of record.

This was in no small part due to the fact that my grandfather was Editor of The Guardian for 35 years. A journalist for more than 50 years, Mr. Walker of The Guardian was widely respected across political lines for his objective impartiality, knowledge and consistently accurate reportage. He was respected also for his substantial philosophical viewpoints that he interweaved brilliantly into his editorial commentary, the substance of which defined his personal and professional ethics.

He was a thinker, a poet, and an engaging conversationalist whose intellectual studies and passionate indulgences as a lover of music, fine art and history, encompassed a devotion to literature and the timeless genius of classical composition.

A true renaissance man for the ages, the seekers of his light included a broad spectrum of intellectual society as other writers, artists, politicians, university professors, clergymen, poets and philosophers, all beat a well worn path to my Grandfather's library for their grateful audience with his mind as well as for the pure pleasure of his refined and tasteful company as a creative spirit.

Being the eldest in my family and the first grandchild born to "Nana" and "Grandaddy" Walker on Prince Edward Island, I was closest to my grandfather in terms of affection and access and also in terms of shared intuitions and interests.

We were pals.

He taught me much by exposing me to all the greats in literature and music. He loved me of course, but he truly respected my youthful intellectual curiosity also as it so vividly reflected his own appreciations, which children wouldn't necessarily gravitate towards.

I had in fact read and absorbed Lewis Carroll's classic Alice In Wonderland / Through The Looking Glass eleven times before my twelfth birthday. Although Shakespeare's Twelfth Night was just a bit beyond my scope of understanding at the time, Dante, Joyce, Proust, Shakespeare and many more, were my constant teachers and constituted my steady diet of learning with my Grandaddy, because he knew and loved all of what that world of truly enlightened gifts represented to the mind and soul and he recognized my love and taste for it all as well. The music that filled my young ears was Mozart, Beethoven and Bach. Glenn Gould was a particular favorite.

Frank Walker's readers were regularly exposed to brilliant, indepth analysis of matters of cultural and political importance to the region and it's times and indeed Grandaddy's well studied reflections on Prince Edward Island history in particular were pointed to as being definitive in all aspects of historical accuracy. Interviewed once on a well known television program in the Maritimes, the popular newsmagazine show extended it's broadcast from a half hour to one full hour in order to provide the time properly required to convey Mr. Walker's indepth perspectives for viewers. It was the ONLY time in that program’s many years of nightly broadcasts that it ever deviated from its regular half hour format. Indeed, the additional half hour was devoted exclusively to Mr. Frank Walker.

Grandaddy was a journalist and a poet who loved words, history and the solitude of deep intellectual reflections and pursuits.

Most Sunday afternoons would find him reading from one of his beloved books while listening to Wagner, Bach, Beethoven or Mozart while sipping a rum toddy and smoking his usual "roll your own" Vogue tobacco cigarettes in Vogue papers. They usually burned away while he read but I guess the smell of them added something to his solitary appreciations. It certainly has added to this account of my retelling as the scent of those smokes still wafts in my memory even now in describing that long ago ritual.

Frank Walker was admired in political circles at every level including the appreciation and true respect even of liberal Prime Ministers of Canada.
Photo: Frank Walker and PM Lester B. Pearson.

In fact, he was offered, but turned down, the opportunity to serve as a Senator in The Parliament of Canada.

That should tell you something of his true character especially in light of what partisan politics has produced in our times.

He thought it would take away his independence as a thoughtful provocateur and disturb his gentle life. I think he also understood only too well the death trap of partisan subservience to the established orders of any ideologically oriented political structure.

Certainly too, those proscriptions on his spirit of rugged individualism would be anathema to his own dispositions.

He loved his life of intellectual and artistic pursuits, which was his work as well as his passion, and he loved his family.

God Bless you Grandaddy.

Thank you for your love and for your service to your country.

You will always be remembered and your love will never die.

Your wonderful war time poems are classics. [See link below]

Aftermath and Packing Out [A Ballad of The Stretcher Bearers]

You etched forever in your "iodine chronicles" what it was truly like to wade "into the red confusion".

And you lived to tell the tale.

Thank God for that and thank God for your influence in my life.

I am proud to be your Grandson and proud to be a writer.

Just like you.

Frank Trainor

Thursday, November 03, 2005

When The Night Comes Falling From The Sky

I saw thousands who could have overcome the darkness
For the love of a lousy buck I've watched them die
Stick around baby...we're not through
Don't look for me...I'll see you
When the night comes falling from the sky

It should not surprise those of you who are regular visitors and readers here to note that David Warren is one of my favorite writers.

David's Essays On Our Times regularly features uncommonly brilliant intellectual insights regarding the major important issues of our day from a distinctly candid and uniquely personal perspective.

An astute observer of the myriad critical undercurrents of our shared existence in this world today, David's journalistic standards and compassionate concern towards every issue he writes about across the intellectual spectrum places him at the very top of many peoples "must read" lists, including my own. Political and cultural issues in our home country of Canada and abroad, demand our serious attention and much closer scrutiny here at home and no one illuminates that need more clearly or more consistently than does David Warren in his many great articles and other writings.

As crucial and important a voice as Mark Steyn, in my opinion.

David Warren is essential reading here at FRANKtalk.

Read David Warren's recent article Here & There. It is brilliant and definitive in its scope as to the true nature of the decline in our country today as the cold uncaring jackboot of endless corruption inures the thoughtless many into an apathetic, blind acceptance of compliant inertia, atrophy and final dependence on elitist political manipulations and self serving control of our eroding freedoms.

Some of you may appreciate one or two of my previous posts commenting on related matters so let me kindly refer you also to my own InDepth Insights firstly and to They Stopped Loving Her Today as a bit of background perspective to my personal recommendations.

Hope you enjoy.

Well, I sent you my feelings in a letter
But you were gambling for support
This time tomorrow I'll know you better
When my memory is not so short

This time I'm asking for freedom
From a world which you deny
And you'll give it to me now
I'll take it anyhow
When the night comes falling from the sky

Frank Trainor

"When The Night Comes Falling From The Sky"
Bob Dylan copyright 1985 Special Rider Music
From the Columbia Records album Empire Burlesque
. .